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Game Engine Comparison
Name Esenthel Unreal Unity
Developer Esenthel Epic Games Unity Technologies
In Development Since 2000 1995 2002
Cost Free to make Games and Apps 5% royalty after 1 mln$ revenue free < 100k$ revenue
399$/year 100k$-200k$ revenue
1,800$/year > 200k$ revenue
Can make and sell your own game engines Yes 15% royalty No No
Source Code available Yes Registration Required 1,800$/year
Zero Known Bugs Yes. Even if bugs appear they're always fixed ASAP and in most cases within a day. No No
Super Optimized Yes, every single part of the Engine and Editor has been written with highest performance and minimal memory usage in mind, there were no cut corners. All of this results in fast startup, load times, compile times, responsive Editor, which can be verified on this page. No No
Engine Compile Time Debug ~23 seconds
Release ~45 seconds
"depending on your system's specifications, it may take between 10 and 40 minutes to compile the engine" ? (1,800$/year)
Supported Platforms
Windows Yes Yes Yes
Xbox Yes Yes Yes
Mac Yes Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes Yes Yes
PlayStation No Yes Yes
Disk Usage 1.16 GB
37.8 GB
4.18 GB
Startup Time Instant
17+ seconds
19+ seconds
Can be Fullscreen Yes, F11 key, or F12 for Video Options
Partial (can't hide title and menu bar), Shift+F11
Clutter free UI Yes, Esenthel UI was carefully designed to maximize your workspace
Easy Access to Video Options Yes, F12
No No
Scalable UI Yes, Video Options (F12)
No Yes, restart required
Basic Operations - Rename, Move, Delete Instant
Super Slow
Reasonable with minor slow downs
Importing Assets Super Fast
Super Slow
Unintuitive and Slow
Importing Package Super Fast
Buggy and Slow
Project Disk Usage for 1 model and 14 4K textures 204 MB
462 MB
552 MB
Real-time Collaborative Development Yes
No No
Auto LOD Generator Yes
Yes, but Demon lost his teeth
Material Texture Downsize with real-time preview Yes
No No
Creating Material Atlas Yes
No No
Trash Bin Yes, can remove elements and restore them later
No No
Selective Publishing Yes, can keep elements in the Project but disable them from being published in the final game package
No No
Language Improved and Simplified C++ (Code Editor) C++, Blueprint C#
Code Editor
Visual Studio, Xcode, NetBeans

Integrated Code Editor:
  • Write code directly in Esenthel Editor
  • Powerful Auto-Complete
  • Headerless Programming (write code just once, without duplicating it to headers)
  • No need for Header Files, Forward Declarations or Class Rearrangement
  • Jump to Definition
  • Find All References
  • View Mode showing only function names and hiding their implementation
  • Integration with Project Assets (3D preview in codes, jump to/open Asset, insert Asset ID with Auto-Complete)
  • many more
Visual Studio
Integrated Blueprint Editor
Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code
JetBrains Rider
Editor Network Interface Yes
  • Sending Commands to the Editor from custom made Applications
  • Programatic access to Project Elements
  • Programatic access to World Terrain and Objects
No No
API DirectX 11/10, OpenGL DirectX 12/11, Vulkan, Metal, OpenGL DirectX 12/11, Vulkan, Metal, OpenGL
Physically Based Rendering Yes
Yes, but everything looks unnaturally shiny/metallic
Rendering with 64-bit (double precision) for Matrix positions to support huge Worlds/Scenes Yes No No
Bump Mapping High Quality
High Quality, but slower shader
Low Quality
Upscaling Linear
FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR/EASU)
Temporal Super Resolution (TSR)
Temporal Super Resolution (TSR) - not yet available, in beta only
Temporal Super Resolution (TSR) Yes

Yes, but blocky with noticeable loss in detail, and not yet available, in beta only

Sub-Surface Scattering No Yes Yes
Ambient Occlusion

Reference Precalculated Per-Vertex with Ray Tracing
Yes, but formula looks wrong
Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
MSAA Yes No No
FXAA Yes Yes Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
SMAA Yes No Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
Temporal AA Yes
Yes, but everything looks super blurry
Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
Eye Adaptation Yes Yes Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
Motion Blur Yes
Yes, but can see lines/artifacts on legs
Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
Bloom, Emissive, Glow Yes, separate control of emissive (focused light) and glow (blurred light)
Yes, but no separate control of glow (blurred light)
Yes, but no option to boost emissive or to control glow
Depth of Field Yes
Yes, but no option was found in the Editor
Screen Space Reflection No Yes Yes
Engine PhysX, Bullet PhysX, Chaos PhysX, Box2D
Cloth Simulation Not at the moment
There was an implementation for older version of PhysX however it's not yet updated and had to be disabled
Destruction System Yes, but very limited
Yes, but in beta
Root Motion Yes Yes Yes
Inverse Kinematics No Yes Yes
Project Data Compression for Publishing in Editor LZ4, Zstd, LZHAM, LZMA
Just a command line
Compression Libraries for use in your codes LZ4, Zstd, LZHAM, LZMA, Zlib, Snappy, RLE - all have a single unified API integrated with File class, raw data or with headers LZ4, Zlib, Gzip - only simple memory to memory compression without File class integration, raw data only (requiring additional storage of compression algorithm and original uncompressed data size) None
Project Data Encryption for Publishing in Editor 3 Fast and Secure permutation based ciphers (seekable/with random access) with no effect on patching
AES, 2-3x slower than Esenthel Cipher1, requires 16-byte alignment (which will increase data size 0-15 bytes per file and slow down seeking/random access), and negatively affects patching
Encryption for use in your codes 3 Fast and Secure permutation based ciphers (seekable/with random access),
AES None
Hash CRC32, xxHash, SpookyHash, MetroHash, MD5, SHA1, SHA2-256 - memory and File class, all have a single unified API CRC32, xxHash, CityHash, MD5, SHA1 - only memory SpookyHash
Image Resize Nearest, Linear, Cubic, Cubic+, Waifu2x
Steam Integration Yes Yes No
Xbox Live Integration Yes No No
Facebook Integration Yes No No
SQL Integration SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL No No
Sky Night Light Filter Yes
It has been scientifically proven that blue light interrupts sleep, if you work at your projects late night, it's best to avoid it. While there might be filters already in the Operating System, they will affect the entire screen, however there might be cases where you just want to affect the sky and still have the rest of your colors correct.
No No
3D Formats
FBX Yes Yes Yes
Image Formats
WEBP (best lossless) Yes No No
TIF Yes No Yes
Audio Codecs
Wav Yes Yes Yes
Opus (best lossy) Yes No No
Vorbis Yes No Yes
Flac (best lossless) Yes No No
MP3 Yes No Yes
Comparison is only for features bundled in the engine, which are ready to use without need of any extra plugins,
and only for public/stable engine versions and not beta/in-development.
If you see any inaccuracies, please send them here with links to documentation/videos/images.

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