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  Thread: January 2023
Post: January 2023

Released Esenthel for Windows, Mac and Linux: -added support for Emojis! -updated Download.create to support multiple file uploads -added support for App.statusBarColor,navBarColor on Android -many im...
Esenthel Version History 0 72 02-01-2023, 07:09 AM
  Thread: Image -> drawrotate
Post: RE: Image -> drawrotate

basic 2D don't have any anti-aliasing. But you could try this: make the image at top and bottom transparent (alpha=0) for a few pixel rows.
Esenthel Beginner Questions 2 144 01-24-2023, 07:12 AM
  Thread: Clothmesh?
Post: RE: Clothmesh?

Currently not supported, you can try to write dynamic bone simulation.
Esenthel Beginner Questions 2 96 01-22-2023, 05:39 AM
  Thread: Gui panel issue [solved]
Post: RE: Gui panel issue

I just tried it, but it works good, color is changed. Please attach sample esenthel project and I will check.
Esenthel Gui 2 116 01-11-2023, 10:18 AM
  Thread: December 2022
Post: December 2022

Updated Esenthel Source: -plenty of Touch/TextLine/TextBox Mobile improvements -improved 'FileText' and internal UTF8 functions to correctly process more unicode characters (emojis) -greatly improved ...
Esenthel Version History 0 354 12-29-2022, 06:20 AM
  Thread: Linux makefile error
Post: RE: Linux makefile error

you have to compile the engine first
Esenthel Support 2 278 12-19-2022, 03:28 AM
  Thread: Basic string functions?
Post: RE: Basic string functions?

https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...c/String.h https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...unctions.h
Esenthel Beginner Questions 2 147 12-04-2022, 12:24 PM
  Thread: November 2022
Post: RE: November 2022

Updated Esenthel Source: -updated to latest Android SDK/NDK/AGDE
Esenthel Version History 1 509 11-25-2022, 10:05 AM
  Thread: November 2022
Post: November 2022

Updated Esenthel Source: -added new callback App.joypad_changed -added new World Editor Object Scale Mode, that also adjusts positions for multiple objects -added new World Editor Object Randomize Rot...
Esenthel Version History 1 509 11-20-2022, 04:29 PM
  Thread: Bugs in EditorInterface::worldObjGetDesc/Data
Post: RE: Bugs in EditorInterface::worldObjGetDesc/Data

Thank you very much, I've applied changes: https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...59bdabe3b4
Esenthel Support 1 267 11-14-2022, 10:02 AM
  Thread: Changing object color at runtime
Post: RE: Changing object color at runtime

Pls use mesh variations. and call SetVariation before draw.
Esenthel Support 1 391 10-29-2022, 05:11 AM
  Thread: exporting wav music ?
Post: RE: exporting wav music ?

read: https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...ream.h#L42 write: https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...tra.h#L207
Esenthel Beginner Questions 2 339 10-23-2022, 07:25 AM
  Thread: Dependency problem with Smaller Type Check
Post: RE: Dependency problem with Smaller Type Check

But it's already here: https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...ers.h#L744
Esenthel Tools 5 689 10-23-2022, 04:34 AM
  Thread: How set Material smoothness in code?
Post: RE: How set Material smoothness in code?

It's controlled through rough_mul rough_add params, you set them depending on if you have a smooth texture: flt roughMul()C { if(smooth_map.is())return smooth; return 0; } flt...
Esenthel Graphics 1 263 10-22-2022, 03:49 AM
  Thread: Dependency problem with Smaller Type Check
Post: RE: Dependency problem with Smaller Type Check

DLL cannot be loaded because of "Smaller Type Check"? I never knew that. Anyway, the easiest solution would be for you to modify your local copy of: https://github.com/Esenthel/EsenthelEngi...ct.vcxpr...
Esenthel Tools 5 689 10-22-2022, 03:41 AM
  Thread: Dragon Fury
Post: RE: Dragon Fury

Game is now live ;) https://store.steampowered.com/app/2020590/Dragon_Fury/
Esenthel News 4 2,426 10-21-2022, 06:06 PM
  Thread: Need help with mesh variations
Post: RE: Need help with mesh variations

Hi Yvan, nice to see you again. Your codes look fine at first look, so it's probably some silly mistake. I'll try to look again. Edit: You're calling: UInt modes = super::drawPrepare(); Not sure what...
Esenthel Graphics 4 394 10-21-2022, 03:25 AM
  Thread: Camera lagging behind objects when going at high speed
Post: RE: Camera lagging behind objects when going at hi...

there are a few things you can think of: -physics timesteps -setting camera in wrong position of codes (before/update) of game physics/character
Esenthel Beginner Questions 2 322 10-21-2022, 03:24 AM
  Thread: October 2022
Post: October 2022

Updated Esenthel Source: -Meshes/Skeletons now support up to 65535 bones (in software, but hardware limit still up to 255), allowing to import complex characters, and remove useless bones -allowed to ...
Esenthel Version History 0 548 10-14-2022, 05:08 AM
  Thread: Tutorial 05 - GUI/17 - Chatbox needs updated
Post: RE: Tutorial 05 - GUI/17 - Chatbox needs updated

Thank you very much I've fixed it in Source on GitHub!
Esenthel Support 1 390 10-14-2022, 05:05 AM