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  Thread: My home-brewed bicycle
Post: RE: My home-brewed bicycle

Graceful dismount
Rubeus Showcase 23 21,109 05-25-2015, 12:14 AM
  Thread: Nvidia FleX
Post: RE: Nvidia FleX

"Here's more examples of how Flex can be used." *pours white liquid on a bunny* Okay then. That is pretty amazing, though. I wonder how well it works when you use it in an actual game, though.
Rubeus Offtopic 3 5,265 04-26-2015, 05:34 PM
  Thread: Creating/moving along a path
Post: RE: Creating/moving along a path

Ok, so instead of using the spline for the movement, you use the spline to create a list of points along the spline. I ended up doing pretty much the same thing. It has always seemed so inefficient wh...
Rubeus Code Snippets 13 11,718 04-07-2015, 12:38 AM
  Thread: Creating/moving along a path
Post: RE: Creating/moving along a path

I am interested in seeing the calculations you use for this, but I just moved and am unable to use my PC. Specifically, I've been having an issue with varying speeds between splines. If you don't mind...
Rubeus Code Snippets 13 11,718 04-06-2015, 05:02 PM
  Thread: Best way to manage pointers
Post: RE: Best way to manage pointers

You could make the ID the index in the container; if you have multiple types that shoot said bullet, store the type(which container) and the ID/index of the shooter. This is the method I use. In your...
Rubeus Beginner Questions 8 6,782 02-21-2015, 10:15 PM
  Thread: Esenthel Engine to console. Is it theorically possible?
Post: RE: Esenthel Engine to console. Is it theorically ...

As much as I would love to see console support added, I would like to see some other features added first- most of the roadmap, really. Keep in mind that with each supported OS, Esenthel's workload g...
Rubeus Offtopic 13 13,931 02-05-2015, 08:27 PM
  Thread: EE Library Elements
Post: RE: EE Library Elements

(01-30-2015 05:42 PM)Zervox Wrote:  thread necro I suppose. you would create it through right click and New Library in the EE editor. not sure if that works tbh, I don't use EE code tools, I ex...
Rubeus Feature Requests 7 8,217 01-30-2015, 07:36 PM
  Thread: Character Creator - gathering ideas
Post: RE: Character Creator - gathering ideas

You would have to save the values of the customization. The .5x for the length and thickness would be needed both for creating/rendering the armor, as well as sending to other clients so they could ac...
Rubeus Making Games 7 11,261 01-25-2015, 07:42 PM
  Thread: Stateless Terrain Generator
Post: RE: Stateless Terrain Generator

(01-15-2015 03:16 PM)aceio76 Wrote:  Looks cool, but... what makes it stateless? :P The lack of states.
Rubeus Showcase 7 8,387 01-15-2015, 07:37 PM
  Thread: Stateless Terrain Generator
Post: RE: Stateless Terrain Generator

I like what that last one does - that could make for some interesting terrain, especially if you can change from blocks to more natural-looking shapes to make it look like an earthquake ripped the are...
Rubeus Showcase 7 8,387 01-15-2015, 02:26 PM
  Thread: Ineisis -Detailed tutorials
Post: RE: Ineisis -Detailed tutorials

Make sure the image you are importing is 16bit grayscale: http://www.esenthel.com/community/showth...p?tid=8248
Rubeus Tutorials 70 48,751 01-12-2015, 06:30 AM
  Thread: Esenthel on Steam Greenlight
Post: RE: Esenthel on Steam Greenlight

Just added my vote. :) I really need to keep up with some of the new indy software... Shader Tools and Nimble Tools both look fantastic, and I found both in 5 minutes of checking Greenlight. Ah... n...
Rubeus News 53 46,599 01-04-2015, 04:18 AM
  Thread: Mesh Variations
Post: RE: Mesh Variations

That's cool. Will each have it's own UID, or will it be an array within the mesh?
Rubeus News 11 14,845 01-02-2015, 02:38 PM
  Thread: Emscripten error
Post: RE: Emscripten error

Did you install Emscripten? Per the documentation: Quote:Web Creating applications for Web is supported from Windows platform. Please download and install Emscripten (please select Web or Full...
Rubeus Beginner Questions 9 10,810 12-26-2014, 05:34 PM
  Thread: What can I achieve in Esenthel Engine?
Post: RE: What can I achieve in Esenthel Engine?

(12-21-2014 08:00 PM)sabino Wrote:  - On the videos on Youtube, I've seen some examples of the graphic of Esenthel Engine. It's too realistic for me. I need a cartoon-like graphic, something sim...
Rubeus Support 3 4,406 12-22-2014, 12:20 AM
  Thread: Inesis Online errors
Post: RE: Inesis Online errors

Image.pixelFI -> pixelFLinear Means that instead of using myimage->pixelFl you need to use myimage->pixelFLinear If there is no argument list in the "Name Changes" section, it will almost ...
Rubeus Esenthel Store Sources 10 9,408 12-15-2014, 06:32 AM
  Thread: Esenthel and double floats
Post: RE: Esenthel and double floats

VecD // Vector 3D (double precision) MatrixD : MatrixD3 // Matrix 4x3 (orientation + scale + position, double precision) Keep in mind that AFAIK, the physics engine(PhysX) does not support double pr...
Rubeus Beginner Questions 5 5,001 12-03-2014, 07:38 PM
  Thread: free-flying box help
Post: RE: free-flying box help

It's important to remember the difference between a rotation matrix("matrix.orn()") and a translation matrix("matrix"). Order of operation also matters. When you multiplied the translation matrix agai...
Rubeus Beginner Questions 3 3,531 12-03-2014, 06:48 AM
  Thread: How to use the new engine skins ?
Post: RE: How to use the new engine skins ?

That's pretty slick. How does one go about adding a custom skin to the list of existing skins? I poked around with the skin sources, but I'm not sure what to do next. I'm looking at just increasing th...
Rubeus Beginner Questions 5 6,145 11-25-2014, 05:50 AM
  Thread: Question about capability of engine..
Post: RE: Question about capability of engine..

(11-24-2014 09:08 AM)AndrewBGS Wrote:  As far as I know, you can do what you said (might not be easy, but you can do it). But if your world doesn't change, I can't see why not go with the world...
Rubeus Support 4 4,737 11-24-2014, 04:39 PM