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How to start with this engine?
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How to start with this engine?
This seems like a very powerful Engine, but in same time it's very Alien from what I supposed to use (Unity, UE, etc.). If I can't figure out how to add a point light to world after 5 min, it's kind of a sign that stuff is not very Intuitive. How do I get start working with this engine Fast - not spending weeks and months to learn it's Ways? smile
03-17-2021 03:17 PM
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RE: How to start with this engine?
It's a mistake to think there is anything to gain by bypassing the learning curve. It does take months/years to get to learn how to use any game engine effectively depending on your ability and usually quite a bit of trial and error.

If you are serious about learning Esenthel then I'd start with the Online Documentation initially and work through it methodically.

Secondly I'd examine all the working examples provided with the engine as they are an invaluable resource, and play around with the editor and simple level design.

Then, having got a foundation understanding of the engine and tool set I'd look at what you want to achieve with the engine and discuss ideas in the forum with others who may well be able to guide your approach and make recommendations.

A good understanding of C++ is also pretty much a prerequisite for this engine too, or if not having at least someone on your team with those skills.

Esenthel is a very complete game engine with its own underlying framework and full game examples to learn from if required. You can either work with the existing framework, if it meets your needs, or alter it or even create your own to suit your requirements.

Deviating from the existing framework obviously requires a deeper understanding of the engine and may require customisation of the source code. The use of virtual functions in key areas of the engine though negates this to a large degree, allowing you to override existing functionality through derived classes.

The editor although at first glance may appear unintuitive is in fact very powerful and once you understand how it works you'd wonder how you ever struggled with it.

Hope this advice helps and good luck with your exploration if you still feel this engine maybe right for you. The forum is the place to seek help when needed, as you have done in this instance. If despite trying you fail to understand something it's always better to ask.
03-17-2021 04:49 PM
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RE: How to start with this engine?
I am aware that the following advise that I am going to give will sound very harsh, although honesty brings you further.

This engine is very intuitive for the wintered programmers. Without a high level of programming knowledge, this engine is not for you.

I learned how to program (actually paying for a course) in about 40 hours and I am now capable of conceptualizing and developing a framework for an online game. Assets you can usually get for free for testing purposes anyway.

As for the point light: Open Tutorial -> Apps -> 14 - Game Basics -> 22 - Lights and Particles. Also open up the folder "Objects" and you will find the game class "OBJ_LIGHT_POINT" and the object "Point Light". The object "Point Light" is dragged into the world.

Start by reading every single, and I mean every single, tutorial. Build every single one of them. What helped me in coding faster was trying to replicate, from memory, the tutorial. That's how I got used to all the classes and functions that I needed.
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03-18-2021 10:02 AM
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