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PN - Help wanted - !!!SCREENSHOT WARNING!!!
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PN - Help wanted - !!!SCREENSHOT WARNING!!!
Hi all,

As the game is slowly progressing towards a playable alpha state, I am looking (as sole developer) for some coding assistance. Thanks to the help of many people in the past, all 2D and 3D assets have already been completed and ready to work with. This leaves the programming as the final daunting task of which this Engine is famous for.

Be aware programming on this project means that the systems developed will eventually be released in a form of tutorial for the community. A lot of people dream of building an online game and I hope this will create a stepping stone for the beginning programmer to deep dive into Esenthel.

Pirates' Nest will become an online rpg where 2 factions face eachother. The solving of puzzles and finding rewards in strange places is the key to its gameplay. Elements that are currently in development are:
- Sailing with a ship
- Crew system (Captain, First Mate, crew members)
- Gift system (magic attacks)
- Quest System with 6 types of quests
- Basic AI

I hope I peaked the interest of some of the old members here with the Esenthel Engine and hope to see them in the near future developing this project in its final stages with me!

Screenshots are attached!

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