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Crashdump handling
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Crashdump handling
Hi, reaching out because i am trying to figure out a way to handle crashdump, i feel standard are higher than ever and any crashes could make or break any game.

I know some games that handles it quite well with a small app to send your crash log opens up and ask you if you want to send it.

Now this would require a few things from what i could gather:
A small exe to the send the dump file.
Modifications to EE to able window crash dumps to be collected and logged in a crashlog ?
EE to start the exe when it crahes.

Is there any straight forward way in EE or any chances it gets inplemented in the engine ?

Ill will try my shot at it but i thought this could interest a few people here
01-30-2022 09:18 PM
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RE: Crashdump handling
I know what you mean, but personally I never played with this thing, so I don't know much about it.
There's App.exit callback that gets called inside 'Exit' function, but it won't catch crashes.
If you find something, feel free to commit this into the development branch on github, I might merge it.
01-31-2022 03:32 AM
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