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hi!help!textures question!
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hi!help!textures question!

how can i use textures Specular (1 channel) \Glow (1 channel)\Bump (1 channel) in mesh editor?
for example,i used photoshop create a Glow texture,then,i drop graphic to mesh editor but it's display in diffuse!
i have look for manual or source,however,the souce example illustrate for cube or ball mesh,but my mesh is Complex!
how do i work for a part of mesh?

Please give little tips :idea:

thank you very much!
09-18-2009 06:50 PM
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Re: hi!help!textures question!

Yes you can use those textures, but first you need to have them named correctly (like *.s.jpg for specular, its in the docs), then when you got all textures, select them all together and then drop them alltogether at once onto the material editor (just like in the video tutorial on the main website\tools\mesh editor\general usage)

to set material for specific parts of mesh you need to select that part first (-= keys)
09-18-2009 07:13 PM
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