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November 2009
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November 2009
-fixed a bug in World Editor because of which WE sometimes didn't saved the world changes to the disk
-added new method Animation,AnimKeys::clip allowing to clip the animation to selected keyframe time ranges
-new menu option in Mesh Editor Animation\Clip
-new menu option in Mesh Editor Skeleton\Mirror
-new menu option in Mesh Editor Skeleton\Devour Root Bone
-character rotation of "ready" animation is now handled in animation itself (and not the codes like before), therefore all main body animations require to have the main (root) bone orientation keyframe set
-added new option to display helper meshes in skeleton points in Mesh Editor (menu\Skeleton\Mesh in Skeleton Point)
-fixed displaying particles on certain video cards when particle velocities are equal to zero
11-03-2009 12:07 AM
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RE: November 2009
-Gui Editor can now also accept external image formats (bmp, png, jpg, tga, dds..) when drag and dropping them onto image properties (gfx files will be automatically generated)
-in Gui Editor the Text object will translate "\n" into '\n' in text value
-new menu options in Gui Editor "Edit\Reset Image Aspect Ratio", "Edit\Copy Selected "
-pressing Ctrl+Shift+RMB in Gui Editor will resize objects while maintaning their aspect ratio
-pressing Alt while rescaling window in Gui Editor will automatically resize child objects too
-objects in Gui Editor can now be transformed using keyboard cursors
-added new grid resolution to the Gui Editor menu, also grid resolutions in the menu can now be unselected (which results in per-pixel operations)
11-04-2009 01:07 AM
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RE: November 2009
-IMPORTANT: custom shaders for multi pass solid mode must be recompiled according to updated shader headers
-removed WindowIO::update method (it doesn't need to be called)
-improved gui message boxes to calculate correct window size according to displayed text
-added support for setting custom area size and heightmap resolution in World Editor thanks to menu option "main\new" (editing grass is temporarily enabled only for 32 area size)
-new classess MemcAbstract, MembAbstract, MemxAbstract allowing to contain elements of abstract classess
-new tutorial "misc/memory containers advanced"
-sky has now correct angular velocity in motion blur effect thanks to D.mtnSkyVel which is now enabled by default
-error message boxes will now display properly when in fullscreen mode
-added automatic casting from memory containers of derived class to memory containers of base class
-improved sub surface scattering effect (visuals, support for single pass renderer, no requirement for motion blur enabled and no hdr requirement for better quality)
-improved performance of rendering when hwDepthBuffer and motion blur enabled
-improved performance of visibility testing for world areas
-improved performance of frustum culling
-improved performance of importing heightmaps into World Editor
-added new option into importing heightmaps window "allow undo", thanks to which you can disallow undo to achieve no additional memory usage
-reduced memory occupation of world area files in Edit folder by almost 2x (to compress previous area files at least one change must be applied to the area)
-reduced vertex normal seams on heightmap terrain lod edges
-new menu option in "World Editor\Edit\Go To Position"
-changed the default shadow map size value from 512 to 1024
-improved precision of camera motion blur in World Editor edit mode
-new class EdgeWalker allowing to iterate pixels on a rasterized Edge2
-updated Mouse Extend tool to work properly on Windows 7 system
-enabled displaying correct colors in Mesh Editor Skeleton Vertex Paint Mode for meshes/skeletons with bone number >=60
11-13-2009 01:33 AM
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RE: November 2009
-new option for auto lining gui Text objects
-new method TextLine::maxLength allowing to set maximum allowed text length
-improved importing animated meshes from collada format which don't have skinning set
-improved converting strings to floats to support values like "10e-7" which results in improved importing of OpenCollada format
-World Editor now has the function to create Water Lakes and Rivers
-new sample world in sdk data - "water"
-new video tutorial on the main website "tools\world editor\creating lakes and rivers"
-updated World Editor documentation to include lakes and rivers creation
-updated tutorial "day night cycle"
-changed the order of enums RENDER_TYPE
-added new menu option in World Editor "heightmap\resize" allowing to dynamically resize the world heightmap resolutions
11-20-2009 09:58 PM
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RE: November 2009
-IMPORTANT: changed the way the reflection texture in materials work, it is now used as a cube texture (please revise your materials which use reflection textures)
-IMPORTANT: moved default water textures to "sdk/data/water" folder (this folder also needs to be copied to your own data folder)
-Water.images are now always automatically loaded by default from "data/water" folder
-water reflection is now correctly unaffected by the luminance of the water surface
-enabled drawing reflections in lakes (up to 1 reflection per render frame is supported)
-enabled D.hdr and D.hpRt for RT_SINGLE_PASS renderer
-new methods for world editor objects Obj::setUndo,setChanged
-new method Game::World.waterUnder allowing to detect if position is underwater
-new graphics control element "Fog"
-new functions for drawing local fog - FogDraw(Box,..) FogDraw(Ball,..) HeightFogDraw(Box,..)
-new tutorial "rendering/local fog"
-Sky.exp now works only for skies made from 2 colors (not for skyboxes, for fog control with skyboxes please check the new 'Fog' element)
-new method Image::fromCube which allows to convert cube texture into 2d texture
-exporting cube textures into 2d image formats (like bmp,png,jpg) will result in automatic unrolling of the cube texture
-Converter can now properly import cube textures for preview (in "show" mode)
-fixed a bug which caused a black screen after alt-tabbing to fullscreen window when hdr enabled
-new gui graphics
-shadows on/off toggle doesn't require render target reset (black screen flickering)
-reduced render target memory usage
11-25-2009 10:35 PM
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RE: November 2009
-added beta preview for decals in the World Editor (not yet visible in the game, more options will be available in the next engine version)
-new sample world in the sdk data "world/decals"
-improved performance of rendering Markers
-changed the way Markers are handled
-added new member to Marker::terrain_only allowing to apply the marker only to the game world terrain
-added new shortcuts for operating on objects in World Editor (Shift+RMB and Ctrl+Shift+RMB)
-added new menu option into World Editor (menu\object\align to heightmap normal)
-added Material Editor into World Editor (menu\edit\material editor)
-improved detection of menu shortcuts when window is not selected but its child is (this improves especially Gui Editor shortcuts for editing objects inside windows)
-enabled restoring previous area data versions in the world from server (menu\synchronize\restore)
-improved performance of receiving files when synchronizing worlds
-fixed "precise mouse position" in world editor
12-01-2009 01:43 AM
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