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Particle Suggestions (Mesh Editor)
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Particle Suggestions (Mesh Editor)
A Few Extra Particle effects that I would like to see added to Mesh Editor. I don't know if these can be done through programming since I'm fairly new to Esenthel.

Particle Attractor: Pulls particles within a certain radius with a certain force towards a point. Think atomic effects and such.

Particle Destroyer: The particle "Dies" when it enters this area. Instantly removing it or fading it out.

Particle Deflector: Like a mirror it has the particle bounce off the surface rather then just fly through it.

Death Effects: Like having a different particle spawn from the dying one or have it break apart. In other words neat visual effects rather then the normal fade out.

Also a Particle Emitter would be a nice utility to add to the mesh editor rather then the Mesh, Skeletal or other shapes availible. So you can make engine effects and such.

These suggestions are based on my experimentation with the Mesh Editor. I have only begun to delve into the language itself.

Since I'm on the topic of the Mesh editor a number system for the movement of objects that doesn't set to zero after every applied move. This has become annoying.
11-20-2009 01:57 AM
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