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Hey there!

We are a team of game developers from Romania (Digital Void Entertainment) and we want to share with you our small project called Pulse.
The game is made using Esenthel engine and it will be free. For now we released only a demo, a small portion of the game to show it to other people for feedback.

[Image: screenshotuy.jpg]
Pulse is a 3d top down space shooter. The game is highly customizable and we will release a game editor with the full version. With this editor the users can create new levels, modify weapons, add new enemies and many other interesting things.

Besides gameplay, we have created a part called garage where you can customize your ship with different weapons. Below are a few screenshots showing it in action. They are rendered realtime with esenthel's help smile

[Image: screen1ut.png]
[Image: screen2w.png]
The garage is the part where we worked very hard for some time.

The next part is gameplay. Though it may look simple, we've implemented some neat weapons. The graphics will change drastically in the final release.

[Image: screen3lr.png]
[Image: screen4td.png]
[Image: screen5z.png]

You can test the demo right now by downloading it from our webpage. Demo link link.

If you want to follow our progress you can access our twitter page mentioned on the website.

We are waiting for your feedback.
09-04-2009 01:34 AM
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Re: Pulse
quite nice game smile
I like your garage, the graphics are nice.

I've found 2 small errors : when you start the game twice (without exiting it) in the garage you have the icons doubled (I mean there are 2x more of them), I guess youre createing the gui twice.

and when playing on a widescreen monitor (16:10 aspect ratio, 1680x1050) I can't control my ship to the edge of the screen during gameplay.

but overall I like it very much.
09-04-2009 11:09 AM
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