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Mouselook & Multiplayer
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Mouselook & Multiplayer
Hey folks - this isnt a source code or Esenthel specific problem... but im looking for some advice:

I've got RakNet working pretty smoothly with Esenthel... working on FPS multiplayer... limited players... 16-32 max... Got movement and actions ( shooting) synic pretty well ( still have to implemetn interpolation/extrapolation.. but ive got a good idea on that..)

My issue: Mouselook... currently.. whenever the client moves the mouse, i send the players angles (x,y,z) to the server... but that of course, opens me up to aimbot style cheats n such...

So... how should mouse movement be handled? Server needs to know so it launches projectils at the correct place... but it seems doing client->server->back to client for mouselook would be some laggy, unresponsive stuff... ( even after prediction, etc...)

Is that just "how it has to be done" or does anyone have a thought?
12-17-2009 01:09 AM
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