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multiple objects rotation and reflections ...
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multiple objects rotation and reflections ...
Hello artists, I would appreciate help for this:

I want to rotate a group of diferent meshes (many diferents textured balls and cylinders) simultaneously. I need to make 2 type of rotations:
1-rotate the group horizontally and perpendicular to camera direction vector (0-360 degrees).
2-rotate the group vertically and perpendicular to camera direction vector.(0-360 degrees)

and it can be applied this two types at same time for example with arrow keys (HOR: left,right) and (VER: up,down). The rotation center is inside all meshes

How is the easier way to do this? I have to rotate all the meshes one by one or group all the meshes and after rotate the group? I supose I have to make 2 rotation matrixs (one hor. and other vert.) and multiply by each other.

Thanks very much!
Another thing: in the last version I found that there is no reflection in the water when the density is >= 0.5. But I prefer density for water > 0.5 because is (1)much faster to render with no water transparency; (2) I like more the color and specular with no transparency.
There is any way to to render reflections with density > 0.5?
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