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Exiting error.
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Exiting error.
It's very strange and I run out of ideas....
At the end of update function I have
return !quit
Few days ago it was all ok but now it crashes (debugger says 'unhandled exepction at...').
I though it's something wrong in global object destructor, but I have no own classes global objects,
I wrote LogN("a") to end of Shut() function and it's ok.

And here the strangest thing: 'quit' is global bool. If i modify it directly in update() function (e.g. If(Kb.bp(KB_X))quit=truewink, it's all ok (no error), but if I change it in menu (like before) it crashes.
But LogN(S+quit) works ok no matter where 'quit' is changed.

Debuggers doesn't say anything interesting.

Anybody and ideas?
05-23-2010 05:44 PM
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