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Some questions
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Some questions

Urgently, we need to a method to share map attributes (like movable, way-point or so) with server.

1. We have to extract a movable data from world editor into a file (like txt file). Can we dump 'path area and (not)movable area' data from world editor? Server will read this file and use it for controlling pc and npc move.

2. Also, we need to extract 'way-point' data.

3. When adding a object (like Monster or NPC), can we dump that coordination into a file?


1. A creature with vertical standing type (human or so), it can be used with a vertical type capsule but how do we do for horizontal type creatures like dragon or so? On mesh editor we successed to rotate it as horizontal but in game, reset to vertical position again.

06-17-2010 09:05 AM
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RE: Some questions
Hello smile

Please use "programmable world editor"

1. create custom class extending Edit::Area::Data
struct CustomAreaData : Edit::Area::Data
virtual void customBuild(ChunkWriter &cw ) // build custom data using chunks to "game world" ('cw' has "chunklist" already managed, use it only to write chunks), this function should be multi-threaded safe


call once Edit::World.setAreaData<CustomAreaData>(); in Init function to specify custom class usage

inside customBuild method you can access Edit::Area data, path's, objects
end you can export them to any file you want

Edit::Area &area=T.area();

File f; f.write(..);
// save data

as for waypoints, after building the world you can manually process all files inside "Data/World/world name.world/game/waypoint/*"
you can use FileFind class, and on each file encountered use
Game::Waypoint waypoint;

and as for last question, character controller (Controller class) supports only non-rotating vertical capsules. so you should either use non-rotating vertical capsule, or don't use Controller class, and for example manually use Actor.
06-17-2010 05:21 PM
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RE: Some questions
thanks, good grin
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06-18-2010 06:17 AM
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