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Underwater rendering
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Underwater rendering
I had an idea to make a game, based on the 'waterworld' movie, where the whole world would consist of oceans (obviously..).
However, before I even think of starting this, I would like some info.

First: When you're sailing on the water, the land below shouldn't be rendered (you should be able to dive and see the land below) to increase the framerate; is this possible? Let's say that it ís possible, wouldn't it cause a big framedrop when you dive, since it will render the water, sky, and land? Or will it have to load everything below the waterlevel, and cause a pause?

Second: How would I make a boat where you can walk on; interact with things such as rising the sails with a handle, turn the boat, etc.. Would the boat be 1 big model? how do I do those interaction buttons, are they part of the hitboxes of the boat?

I can think of more things, but these are the most basic and I need to have an idea on those to judge on the rest.

Thank you for the amazing engine and support. smile


Third: How can I make a round world, where you can sail all around it?
08-09-2009 05:58 PM
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Re: Underwater rendering
Im fairly new to this excellent engine, but i got a fairly decent idea of what you mean and how to possibly do it.

You can do this, but, you could also make it deep enough (as it was in waterworld when you see kevin diving down with the famale, its fairly deep), so if it is that deep, its out side of the render view distance, so it isnt rendered while over water (use underwater fog to mask those things).

But i would probalby (based on depht) just let it all render, and use auto LOD on the models, you cant see the models clearly if the water is scattering anyways (in shallow water).

You can make your own class to handle such things as handles and so on, i belive there is samples on how to do this.
I would probably add those handles ect as seperate models onto the main ship.

To make it walkable on the ship, i belive you need to create a physx hull / plane on the surface you wish players to collide with, this is done inside the model editor (Phys) i have issues with models getting stuck and such, so might take a bit of work.

Hope it gave some ideas, if not (or if im wrong) im sure Esenthel will come correct me pfft

Sys: Intel Quad @3.4 Ghz, ATI HD 5770 OC Ed (pri), NVIDIA 8800 Ultra (PhysX), 4 Gig Ram, 3.8 TB total HDD.
08-10-2009 01:03 PM
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Re: Underwater rendering

First: underwater rendering clipping is already supported automatically
Second: it depends on you, I guess you can use actors, joints, and apply velocites
Third: either implement "invisible jumping" when you go near the left border to the right one, or program your own world management
08-10-2009 06:30 PM
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Re: Underwater rendering
Thank you both for your answers, they are really helpful. smile
08-10-2009 07:21 PM
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