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World Design Discussion
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RE: World Design Discussion
(03-17-2011 10:34 PM)Gian-Reto Wrote:  
(11-30-2010 12:04 AM)Demi Wrote:  ...
Took all of 15 minutes to put this into the game engine. It is 4096x4096 or +-32 blocks.


The link seems to no longer exist.... is the recorded video still available somewhere? The reason is I am fighting with the exact same problem at the moment, getting large heightmaps into the Esenthel Engine World Editor.

It just doesn't works for me. Any resource online that describes the process for 4096x4096 or 8192x8192 Heightmaps?

Thanks a lot

Sorry I deleted the videos I had awhile back. I have been working on several other engines and doing testing.

To get large terrains into this engine is a cake walk I just wish there was a means to paint the thing with one bit alpha maps. One of my big gripes with this engine.

In the editor import a terrain and count the blocks required to include every pixel of the terrain. If your terrain is greater than 6144x6144 a 32 bit OS will crash so a 6144 terrain will do 6144/64 = 96 blocks of terrain. The hortizontal resolution has to be adjusted for. If the hortizontal resolution is 10 then divide the heigh of the terrain by 10 and you have a 1/10 scale world.

Use the set function x and z -48 blocks to +47 blocks for a total span of 96 game blocks in x and z direction.
04-02-2011 12:10 AM
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