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Multiple Requests
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Multiple Requests
Dear all,

It has come to my attention that we all are quite eager to develop games and making them somewhat feel more realistic. I haven't gone over the complete tutorials yet, but are the following features interesting / already in the engine (with some nifty coding/designing):
  • Mist on Water
  • Realtime Collaborative Editing

Mist on Water:
As seen in some movies, or for those who wish to make an RPG / MMORPG in which there is a lot of water: Mist.
Mist on water would make it more "haunting" or even "scarier" if that could be applied. Thus not making mist over the entire land alone, but alsoon the water.
The following images could clear this up:
[Image: 81498811_1ba12f8b79.jpg]
Whereas the following would be low mist (not posted as an image here, because of the size):

Or this link, when you have a waterfall, what "mist" can do together with particles:

Realtime collaborative editing:
What I have seen so far from the collaborative editing part is, that when two people work on the same map, the person who saves the World / Map as last, will be the last working Map on the server. What my team and I would LOVE to see if realtime collaborative editing.
/* Yes another one of these requests */

SnowCloud Entertainment - We are recruiting!
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12-14-2010 12:18 PM
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RE: Multiple Requests
You have heightfog, check graphics/fog.h and fog tutorials

Quote:the person who saves the World / Map as last
no, it's not the whole map, only the Areas that a person will modify will get overwritten.
Just let the people work on different areas at a time.
12-14-2010 02:22 PM
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RE: Multiple Requests
As per the realtime editing part:
The logistics of something like that would be insane. As you do heightmap editing the stream of mouse x/y position and button usage would have to be sent to all team members, then displayed on their screens, as well as going back again.
If they were to edit the same piece of heightmap at the same time, you get latency issues where the engine wont know how to react. Add another person to the mix and... ugh.

Multiple areas at the same time is the best way.

12-14-2010 11:42 PM
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