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EE next features
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EE next features
Hello Grzeg,

do you remember my post of last April 3 ?

it was this :

every day i read on your site about people and your clients that ask you something (tools, others, ...)

I think that EE is a fantastic library/engine, the class/samples programming style is perfect and all the infos are all readily availables.
You already realized good clouds and already increased greatly the draw speed with the new instance class : thanks.
I think that the EE tools are sufficient to develop a game and my personal opinion is that at this point should be
realize all the features that you entered aug 28 in "features in development" :

you wrote :
"mesh morph,
glass, mirror,
physical tank wheels, improve vehicles, Ball based wheels (and appropriate joint) ,leaving wheel tracks while braking, destructable environmentsm,
specifying water areas, waterfall"

I would like to add only this :
"water : waves and foaming at the passage of boats"

Now i keep on thinking the same thing : i think will be better to develop new features like : rain, snow, waterfall, destructale environment, water with waves and foaming, ..., that improve world editor or other tools features.
This for two reasons, one is for me : like i told you my staff and I are producing a game that we will commercialize in about one/two years and : i dont use world editor (i have my self-made static/dinamic structure) but i will use new features like rain, snow, waves, ...
the other is that i think that the new features will add new samples to show other good capabilities of EE to the customers.

But in every case thanks for the paste, present and future EE work.

07-19-2009 10:31 AM
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Re: EE next features

Yes I remember that post.

Altough my working priorities for adding new features are sorted depending on the clients license type.
Right now im focusing on new features for client with a professional license, which involves mainly new features in the world editor.
But most of the features you'd like to be added can be done manually, using custom shader creation (like rain and snow), they can be even done using Particles only.
After World Editor updates there is high possibility ill be working on rivers.
07-19-2009 11:59 AM
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Re: EE next features
i know that all can be done manually (my-self), but if you will add snow, rain, waterfall, waves and destructable environment I will be able to deliver to the publisher my game before.

Tks and Bye,
07-19-2009 12:15 PM
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