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February 2011
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February 2011
Released for Windows:
-IMPORTANT: introduced new editor mode "Code Editor" which can serve as complete replacement for Visual Studio usage, additionally it presents many benefits over the C++ language (no need for headers or class rearrangement, auto-complete with the power of Visual Assist and more), the Code Editor is in Alpha stage (not yet fully functional, more features will be added soon)
-IMPORTANT: a new .lib must be added to custom Visual Studio project settings (linker\input\additional dependencies: version.lib)
-IMPORTANT: .mtrl materials and .gfx textures will now be generated at the location of original texture files when importing models (only if textures are located in Game Data folder, or in sub-folder of the model file, in other case they will be created at the same location as the model file), this allows to use many shared materials between multiple models stored at different locations throughout the game data folder
-IMPORTANT: WindowIO now accepts save,load functions with "Str name" parameters and not "CChar* name"
-added new member App.exit
-fixed activating Window menu using Alt key when first menu element was hidden
-moved "view/camera center on selection" to additional on screen button (now with ctrl+tilde shortcut), also with additional functionality of double-clicking the button in order to lock camera centering
-new member Gui.tds_menu allowing to set default text draw settings for Menu gui objects
-updated documentation opencollada plugin links to newest version (1.3.0) (importing collada files exported using latest plugin will now correctly import specular maps)
-removed App.icon, it is now no longer needed (autodetection is used)
-NOMINMAX macro now doesn't need to be defined when including system headers as EE undefines windows.h min max macros now by default
-CacheElmPtr's can now be set also using operator=, ImagePtr i; i="image.gfx"; this works just like i.require("image.gfx"); but simpler
-Str and Str8 can now be compared using == and != operators (comparison will be case insensitive)
-added new "dummy" keyword const_mem_addr next to some struct/class declarations specifying that their objects must be stored in constant memory address
-new method Memx::NewAt allowing to insert an element in specified valid index without changing the memory address of all other elements
-new method TEMPLATE List::setDataNode(Memx<TYPE> &memx, ..) allowing to set all elements from container including elements children recursively (TYPE must have "Memx<TYPE> children" member)
-new methods XmlData,XmlNode::findNode and XmlNode::findParam
-Editor settings are now saved in xml format, additionaly it stores current editor mode
-engine will now properly detect characters/functional keys (Kb.c and Kb.f) when alt is pressed
-new default parameter Bool quiet=false for Menu::operator(Str command, Bool on, Bool quiet=false) method
-FileXml and XmlData can now be loaded from files in memory
-ASSERT_BASE_DERIVED macro is now more rigoristic
-reduced memory required for loading (decompressing) OpenGL shaders from 60MB to 256KB (this will reduce memory usage for Mac and Mobile platforms)
-new methods DestructMesh::adjustStorage,freeHelperData
-new method Physics.engine allowing to obtain information about which physics engine is used (physx or bullet)
-new elements RM_PALETTE1, Renderer.color_palette1, Particles::palette_index, Particles::renderMode
-IMPORTANT: Particles::renderMode should be used in virtual Game::Obj::drawPrepare methods when returning request for using additional render mode
02-24-2011 03:35 AM
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RE: February 2011
Released for Mac and Mobile:
-reverted Mac SDK to 64-bit
-fixed bug in Mac Bullet breakable joints memory management
-fixed correct center of mass calculation for Mac Bullet actors made from convex or multiple shapes
-fixed drag and drop on Mac when it required mouse position knowledge and last window active wasn't the application
02-24-2011 11:33 PM
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