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[GUI editor] Tabs or selecting element under element
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[GUI editor] Tabs or selecting element under element
We make use of tabs in our game. While we can perfectly code tabs ourselves there is issue with having multiple tabs. Our tab implementation is really a regions that are positioned at same place and showed/hidden by pressing buttons that imitate tabs. Now since regions are at the same position we can see only top region, all bottom ones are inaccessible unless we move all top tabs to the side to access bottom tab we need.

Would it be possible to either make ability for button to show specific gui object and hide list of other specific objects?

Maybe something else could be done, like right-clicking a spot in editor could bring up context menu with list of elements located under clicked spot, clicking element name could bring it to the front for editing.

And to avoid creating new thread... Could we get ability to specify text draw settings to TextLine and Button objects?
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