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Seeking Network/Server Programmer
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Seeking Network/Server Programmer
[Update March 13, 2011]
We have a lead client side programmer but we need a network/server programmer now.smile

Team name:
Evil Bia Games (Not a registered business yet but once complete team is in place will be registered as an LLC)

Project name:
Hedron Online

Brief description:
Hedron Online is an MMORPG in creation. It will feature 4 levels of PvP including Kingdom vs Kingdom with 4 Kingdoms. It will also be very heavily guild oriented with built in guilds as well as the opportunity to integrate an outside guild fully into the game permanently with a guild village, house, merchants, quests, trade, and other perks. It will offer niche quests (i.e. race, deity, guild specific quests) and moving quests as well as be group and team oriented. It will also offer in-game events which will permanently alter the game. These things give a gaming experience that will be different each time you play with a new character as opposed to an "assembly line" style of play. The goal is to integrate some old school gaming style with newer gaming style in order to recapture the fun factor that has been lost in some games of today. You can find much more information on our website and blog. We have a design document.

Target aim:
Plan A: Create a fully functional demo and shop around to publishers/studios
Plan B: Self publish online
Revenue generated via Game Subscription

-Partnership in Evil Bia Games LLC with equally divided percentage in ownership and profits
-Opportunity to create your own future games & Inclusion in any future game projects as an equal owner of Evil Bia Games LLC
-The pleasure of working with a cool gamer girl wink

Target system - PC

Talent needed:
Network/Server Programmer
3D Modeler

Team structure:
Jen (myself) - Project Lead. Funding. Game world design & creation, minor modeling, graphic design, web design, business development and relations, LLC Manager, creative, writer
Tim - Game world design, creative (not an LLC member or owner)
Amanda - Game world design, creative (not an LLC member or owner)
Brecken - Audio FX & composer


You will find screenshots on the website as well as links to the facebook page, twitter page (although we are not very active on twitter right now), youtube channel with videos of the game so far, and a detailed blog with lots of game info


Skype: sylana-merneih

Previous Work by Team:
Jen - No previous gaming or modeling experience. previously worked for a small web design company doing web and graphic design; Designed and maintained two ecommerce websites; 15 years of gaming experience; worked as staff member for a year in a MUD called Terris;
Owned and ran 4 businesses so experience in business relations, networking, etc as well as experience in contracts and legal documents; 16 years of working with computers inside and out as a hobby
38 years old willing to work with all ages (now you gotta give me kudos for being a woman admitting her true age in public wink)

Tim - None
Amanda- None
Brecken- Audio work on several indie games, "unleashed" game demo, haunted houses, remix competitions, and various other projects.

Additional Info:
Please see our website for screenshots and our youtube channel for game videos

Snippet of the backstory which can be read in its entirety on the blog:

...Once their creation was complete they were exhausted of most of their Immortal powers. They needed a long and deep slumber to replenish their powers or they could die and Hedronasar would falter. Death was very much capable of meeting the two as they were too young still to have true immortality. They decided to use the last of their power to create demigods from some of the most respected and achieved inhabitants of their land. They charged these demigods with overseeing various aspects of the land as well as its inhabitants while they slept. These aspects were Life, Death, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Sun, Moon, Time, Energy, Pain, Fate, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul. These demigods had Immortal powers similar to Hedronyra and Asarki. They could create, intervene, and had instant Immortal knowledge of all things and histories concerning the world of An that were known to Hedronyra and Asarki. They could not damage, destroy, or kill anyone or anything in Hedronasar unless it be by a mortal method. They were also granted immortality so that they could not die.

The first three years were rather smooth. Hedronasar flourished and held no conflict. But all good things never seem to last. Greed set into some of the demigods and they began to abuse their powers. The demigods of the elements earth, air, fire, and water were the first to rebel. It started with simple things-creating new breeds of insects, animals, and plant life. Once they discovered how polished their abilities had become they began to yearn for the devotion that Hedronyra and Asarki had from Hedronasar’s inhabitants. With this greed for power they did the unspeakable. They altered the race of Giants by rooting their elemental aspects within them and demanded to be worshipped by them...
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