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Compiling using make
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Compiling using make
I was wondering whether anyone has had any success in compiling the tutorials using make? I'd like to try and set this up so that I can set up my project using Eclipse and thereby compile for mac/windows using a single repository.

I renamed EsenthelEngine.a to libEsenthelEngine.a (due to naming conventions on the mac) and attempted to do:

g++ -L. -lEsenthelEngine -o test 00\ -\ Start.o

However, this results in a large number of undefined symbol errors. Eg:

Undefined symbols:
"_CGDisplayGammaTableCapacity", referenced from:
EE::Display::getGamma() in libEsenthelEngine.a(Display.o)
"_FSGetCatalogInfo", referenced from:
EE::CreateShortcut(EE::Str, EE::Str, EE::Str)in libEsenthelEngine.a(Misc.o)
EE::CreateShortcut(EE::Str, EE::Str, EE::Str)in libEsenthelEngine.a(Misc.o)
"_alDeleteSources", referenced from:
EE::SoundBuffer::del() in libEsenthelEngine.a(Sound Buffer.o)
"_cgGLRegisterStates", referenced from:
EE::GetCGContext() in libEsenthelEngine.a(Shader Compile.o)

and so on.


I should add, it compiles fine in XCode. I'd just prefer to use 'make' if that's at all possible and I cannot figure out why it isn't compiling.
Bah, typical. The answer came to me just after I posted.

For anyone else who might be searching for the answer, it is necessary to include all of the frameworks. The correct incantation is:

g++ -I EsenthelEngine/ -L. -lEsenthelEngine -framework Carbon -framework Cocoa -framework OpenGL -framework OpenAL -framework Cg -lz -o test 00\ -\ Start.o

No idea how that will translate on windows though.
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