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Particle and Object Loading Issue
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Particle and Object Loading Issue
I am trying to get particles and Destructible Objects to load in the MMO Demo Client. I have added the particle object that I want through the world editor.
I then added the following code:

Game::ObjMemx<Game::Item > Items; // container for item objects
Game::ObjMemx<Game::Chr > Chrs; // container for character objects
Game::ObjMemx<Game::ObjParticles > ParticleItems; // container for particle objects
Game::ObjMemx<Game::Destructible > DestructItems; //Container for Destructible Objects

Then I changed my InitGame method to look like the following:

Bool InitGame()
if(!ChrData.world())return false;


Game::World.init ( )
.setObjType(Items ,OBJ_ITEM ) // set 'Items' memory container for 'OBJ_ITEM' objects


Gui+=CMRegion.create(Rect_LD(-D.w()+0.05f,-D.h()+0.05f,0.75f,0.3f)); CMRegion+=CM.create();
InvGui .create();

return true;

When I start up my client and get into the world none of the particles or Destructible objects are visible.

is there something more that I need to go in order to get them working?
04-22-2011 09:28 PM
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