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Force Feedback wheel problem
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Force Feedback wheel problem
I have problem with force feedback in tutorial with vibrations. So, I use Fanatec GT2 wheel, it has 1 x Force Feedback motor and 2 x Vibration motors (it works with X360).
Wheel use Esenthel Joypad's X-axis (wheel), slider[1]-axis (clutch), Y-axis (gas), RZ-axis (brake).

Problem: increasing or decreasing X or Y vibration axis gives always the same effect: wheel's FF motor turns wheel left.
For example:
"Applied force: 0.200, 0.000"
"Applied force: -0.200, 0.000"
"Applied force: -0.200, 0.200"
"Applied force: 0.200, -0.200"
"Applied force: 0.000, 0.200"
every case turns the wheel to left with the same power.

Another example:
"Applied force: 0.400, 0.000"
"Applied force: 0.400, 0.400"
"Applied force: 0.000, -0.400"
every case turns the wheel to left, but makes it stronger than in first example.

I would like to know how I could change vibrations options to turn the wheel right.
Also I would like to know how I could use 2 x vibration motors in wheel.

I suppose that there are more than X and Y vibration axis. Probably if I could access more vibration axis my problem would be resolved.
06-20-2011 05:25 PM
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