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June 2009
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June 2009
-fixed drawing sun rays when viewport isn't set to fullscreen
-fixed showing particles in Mesh Editor when game data path doesn't contain "particle/fire.gfx" file
-added menu option "main\video options" to World Editor enabling setting video options
-changed default value of Viewport::pixel_aspect which fixes correct aspect ratio setting when using GuiViewport and switching in fullscreen between different modes
-added new ChunkWriter and ChunkReader classess
-added new tutorial "misc/files/chunks"
-added support for Fpp camera in World Editor being enabled by Tab key
-library "rpcrt4.lib" must be included in the c++ project settings (linker\input section)
-improved handling of textures with size different than a power of 2
-added Play option into the World Editor allowing to launch the game inside the editor
-introduced new class WorldControl which can be used to define custom functions automatically called at certain game moments
-changed parameters in World.init method
-launching worlds for playing games now doesn't require specifying temporary path
-improved performance of saving and loading games in Game Engine
-fixed layered cloud rendering when using 4 layers
-added highlighting of path editing in World Editor
-added new path editing mode "heightmap slope based"
-added new class UID (Unique Identifier) which is used to create unique 128-bit identifiers
-changed member "UInt object_id" in Reference class into "UID object_id"
-removed the requirement that the new files stored in Version Control System must be at least 1 second newer than the previous version
-added option to change Slider's image in Gui Editor
-added support for undo in World Editor
-Worlds need to be builded
-added new World Editor menu option "Build Visible" allowing to build only visible areas of the world (for testing games)
-merged Heightbrush modes "Higher" and "Lower" to "Up / Down" to be used with left and right mouse button
-drag and dropping "*.particle" files into Mesh Editor will result in automatic loading the file
-improved displaying grid on terrain mesh in objects mode in World Editor
-new function FMoveDir
-new menu option in World Editor "view/camera center on selection", "view/area radius/increase,decrease"
-fixed ComboBox to work properly when loaded from file instead of created manually
-changed saving worlds from .wrld file to .world directory
-Game::World.New now accepts "*.world" directory names
-decreased World Editor terrain mesh memory usage to 33%
-increased the speed of creating new Heightmaps in World Editor
-World Editor now fully swaps undisplayed heightmaps onto the disk which results in much lower World memory usage, at the cost of slower performance of reloading heightmaps
-added support for high-quality rendering inside World Editor with bump-mapping, lighting and shadowing (by option to enable RT_MULTI_PASS rendering type instead of only RT_SIMPLE)
-improved water rendering by adding fresnel term
-parameter given to function Water.update should be decreased
-fixed lighting and shadowing of mirrored reflections
-fixed loading Particles in Mesh Editor
06-26-2009 11:47 PM
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Re: June 2009
-fixed shadow casting from point and cone lights
-improved file reading when skipping bytes
06-28-2009 04:48 PM
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