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I'm looking for a good school laptop. Does anyone know of any good ones? I'm looking for something relativly cheap that will be able to do what you expect from any computer (internet, code, create documents, make sandwiches). However, I know next to nothing about laptops, brands etc.

Are their any laptops you would suggest that are in the 300-400 dollar range.

Additionally: does anyone know how to set up the software to allow you to control your home PC through a laptop? My plan is to use this to fuel my gaming and more intense programming needs while i'm on the go. I've done some googling but am not really sure what to search for.

Thanks, runewake2.
07-20-2011 12:35 AM
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Yurci Offline

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RE: Laptops
Hey Runewake,

I have Asus n53sv and i have FPS at:

TESSELLATION with Heighmap
[Image: ss01_Tes_ON.jpg]

[Image: ss02_Tes_OFF.jpg]

Avg 60 FPS:
[Image: ss03.jpg]

Like you see, its:
i5 2-generation (Sandy Bridge)
4GB of DDR3
and Geforce 540m over-clocked above 550m spec (http://www.nvidia.com/object/product-gef...0m-us.html)

Dunno where you live, but i bought this laptop for 2400 PLN (in USD it's ~855)

Like you see, you could use all features from this engine (without tess ;E) but it's over 2 times expensive.

I see, this engine don't use much CPU in rendering. :E
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07-21-2011 12:36 PM
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runewake2 Offline

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RE: Laptops
That's a little above my price range. I have a powerful PC that I built last year and use that for development in World Editor etc. I am just looking for something that would be able to use the Code Editor and test my games on. Not a full fledged gaming laptop.

Thanks for the suggestion though.
07-21-2011 06:50 PM
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