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Few things that came on my mind
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Few things that came on my mind

I've been working with EE for some time, recently I've updated to personal license and I'm thinking of expanding it. Because of that I'd like to share with a few thoughts and insights, that I've formed in the last few months.

The first thing is lack of good documentation. Although header files and tutorials are pretty well explained, I don't think this is the way that "serious" game engine should be learned. Good API is essential, especially when all is getting a bit more complicated. Documentation would be useful, make learning faster - and it would also made the engine look more "professional".

Next thing I personally find troublesome is the idea with Esenthel Script and it's (IMHO bad) editor. One of the main reasons I've chosen Esenthel Engine was just the complete support of a native C++ (with all it's pros and cons).
I think that in this particular case writing an own script language (+ special editor, which is faaar behind Visual Studio possibilities, especially without debugger) is just a poor use of time, that could be intended for improving engine alone. That's just my opinion, but I don't think that I'm alone in this. If you want to support ES anyway, don't discriminate C++ though (e.g. by releasing Ineisis Lite source only in ES).

Next thing I'd like to see is a good water shader, which was already mentioned a few times before. It seems (from the forum posts) that this is one of the most expected feature smile And then, maybe some physics improvement for buoyancy support? Just an idea...

Another thing I find pretty irritating are all those abbreviations and short names (REPA, Flt, elms etc.). As I understand, it was designed to save time while writing code (and make it shorter), however it makes it much more difficult to understand and correct after some time.

It would be also great to change font in every type of gui object in editor and have a list of these objects (something like object explorer in some IDE's).

Well, that would be all for now - these are the things I find a bit difficult to work with, however I still think that Esenthel is a very good engine and I look forward to it's future development.

08-12-2011 08:53 AM
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