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Blocks optimization
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Blocks optimization
I'd like to ask, how should I optimize the blocks feature, that was added recently.
The chunk of 16x128x16 blocks, filled in approx. 50% takes about 1.6MB on hard disk and few miliseconds to generate (not mentioning saving and loading).
When modelling an area of 1km x 1 km (64 x 64 such chunks) it gives me about 6GB of space, which is kinda hard to download or generate, especially when it is a multiplayer game and terrain changes often (what needs to be sent by network).
Could you tell me (or give just some tips), how should it be arranged and handled in a network game, when terrain is build only from such blocks (and changes often)?
What should be done on server, and what on client side?
08-14-2011 05:15 PM
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