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Loading a mesh and it's materials
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Loading a mesh and it's materials

I've been trying to load a mesh and show it. It keeps giving me an error regarding the images, although I have them placed in the data folder.
I use the following code:
Actor ground2;
Mesh MyMesh;
PhysBody MyPhysBody;

//in Init()


//In draw

I have the images and mesh placed using this path:
Data\Obj\test\images\images_name.extension (this goes for all .mtrl's and images).

Yet, I'm receiving the following error:
" Can't load 'C:/Users\user.name(replaced my user name)/Desktop/test/images\ground.gfx' Additional path "obj/test\images" ".

The meshes and all have been modeled by a co-worker, loaded in the MeshEditor/Obj Editor, exported as .mesh, and sent to me! Any ideas?
08-28-2011 04:16 PM
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