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September 2011
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September 2011
Released for Windows:
-IMPORTANT: updated PvrTexLib to latest version (SDK/Tools/PvrTexLib.dll needs to be copied to custom folder locations if you've manually copied the tool files somewhere, if you haven't copied the tool files anywhere then you don't need to copy this file)
-next Mac SDK (once it's released) will support PVRTC texture loading/saving just like on Windows
-changed Memb<Property> parameter in AddProperties function to Memx<Property>
-in previous SDK GuiObj::user was modified by GuiObj::func methods, now 'user' is not modified by any of the engine methods (and can be managed only by the user), GuiObj::func now uses another private member ('func_user') for storing the parameter for the function
-added support for SQLite for the EE::SQL class (thanks to new method SQL::connectSQLite)
09-01-2011 10:19 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-added built-in support for reading DDS files without the need for DirectX (Mac SDK will be able to import DDS files)
-World Editor Object List has been renamed to Object Brush
-added new Object List able to list all currently loaded world objects (sortable/groupable by Type, Base, Mesh, etc)
-removed unnecesary "save changes to world?" window when just loading world and moving camera around many areas
-improved performance of drawing gui List in LDM_RECTS mode with many elements
-Material Editor "Make Bump" button will now override normal map only if it didn't exist, bump map will always be created
09-05-2011 07:38 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-IMPORTANT: added "Mini Data Browser" window activated by "top left corner button" in the Editor (Ctrl+D), elements from Mini Data Browser can be drag and dropped to many places in the Editor (for example game objects can be dragged to world)
-IMPORTANT: Editor at startup will now parse all data files in the background thread (not the main thread like before), which means that there will be no pause on Editor startup when having many files in the Data folder
-IMPORTANT: List::sel are now in absolute element indexes 'elm' and not in visible order indexes 'order' like before, this allows hidden elements to be selected as well
-IMPORTANT: Sound::load will now play the sound if it was playing during 'save' (changed 'save' file format - old savegames may not work)
-Data Browser "list all files" will now find files in a background thread, which means that you don't need to wait after pressing this button until all files are found
-double clicking on an element in World Editor Object List will move the camera to the object
-ListColumn's can now be resized using mouse (thanks to new 'Gui.image_resize_column' taken from new file "Gui/resize_column.gfx", and new LIST_FLAG LIST_RESIZABLE_COLUMNS)
-Windows with flag WIN_RESIZABLE can now be resized with LMB (with cursor on edges), RMB (with cursur on Window), Ctrl+MouseWheel (with cursor on Window), GuiObj::setRect virtual method will be called which can be extended to manually resize child objects (new Gui.image_resize image pointers are used with new files "Gui/resize_*.gfx")
-some of the Editor windows are now resizable
-Window movable and resizable flags can now be set in Gui Editor
-new virtual method Rect Window::sizeLimit returning allowed size limits for the window rectangle
-fixed drawing World Editor Grid (Plane::drawInfiniteBySize) for area size = 128
-small improvements to Data Browser Verify Paths
-replaced right clicking on object properties (base, mesh, phys, material, skel) textlines with separate "C" buttons in order to clear the values
-all Gui.image* and GuiObj::*image* members are now of ImagePtr type
-fixed memory leak when deleting water objects in the World Editor
-new 'Bool Renderer.blend_objects_affect_depth_based_effects" allowing to meshes with test blend material techniques affect depth based effects (requires additional full screen depth conversion), default=true (if you want the old behaviour which is slightly faster, you need to set the value to false)
-new 'Bool Music.shuffle' and 'Bool Ambient.shuffle' parameters allowing to control random track selection, default=true
-added more comments for MusicManager::time_reset member
-new documentation topic "Thread Safety"
-Editor will now warn if saving a Skeleton with multiple bones of the same name
-added new String based constructors to CacheElmPtr class (ImagePtr, MeshPtr, etc. can now be initialized ImagePtr i="image.gfx")
-image files (gfx, bmp, jpg, ..) can now be drag and dropped to Gui Editor, this will convert them to GFX file and put that file as new GuiImage object
-Gui Editor "view/screen proportions" will now also display 16:9 aspect ratio
-phys files can now be drag and dropped to world editor (will be created as embedded objects)
-dragging mesh files to world editor will now set their default access mode as embedded objects
-Edit::World.objCreate now has additional optional ObjParams pointer allowing to set object from custom settings
-changed World Editor Object List multi selection mode (ctrl+lmb, shift+lmb), it now works more like multi selection on typical lists
-improved performance of List::elmToOrder
-new member Int List::dataToElm(Ptr data)
-all operations on Code Editor project view will now preserve element selection on the list
-fixed dragging sources in Code Editor (from project view to different folder, previously it not always was activated, now it works and additionally drag icon is displayed)
-removed Gui.windowLit(), to check if a window is under mouse cursor, use: window.contains(Gui.msLit())
-removed Gui.viewport(), to check if a viewport has mouse focus, use: &viewport==Gui.ms()
-added more comments to Gui.ms() and Gui.msLit() documenting difference between them
09-12-2011 03:16 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-added camera view cube's to the Model and World Editors, can be toggled with "view/camera orientation"
-mini data browser material preview now includes material color
-"save changes?" window is now resizable
-WindowIO are now resizable by default
-increased performance of Renderer.blend_objects_affect_depth_based_effects
-fixed rendering issue in case of rendering using all of the following: DX9 and Forward/Simple renderers and Multi-Sampling and Water
-fixed MLAA edge softening when Super-Sampling was enabled
-blend light material techniques now make use of SetHighlight function (for example objects with these materials will get highlighted in the Editor object mode when selected)
-using filter in World Editor Object List will now hide groups which don't have any objects with specified filter
-ColorPicker can now be closed with MMB and Escape
-fixed occasional displaying of incorrect animation in Model Editor after clipping the animation to custom time range (happened when some bones stopped having keyframes)
-increased the size of VI vertex/index buffer memory which increases performance of rendering many particles
-new class RawParticles used to manually draw very fast thousands of particles
09-16-2011 06:00 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-IMPORTANT: FadeFx effect fading texture now uses only alpha channel (custom fading textures should be changed to IMAGE_A8 type, and alpha channel components should be set instead of color components)
-D.fxEnd now returns a reference to internal render target (Image) which can be used as image for custom 2d shaders
-RippleFx::draw and FadeFx now accept Image parameter (this should be the image from D.fxEnd or custom image)
-because of small changes to 2D effects, it is advised to look into updated "2d effects" tutorial in case of issues
-adjusted comments on Renderer.getBackBuffer specifying that it can be used in RM_BLEND rendering phase, and outside of Render function (so it can be used in 2d shaders after rendering as well), Renderer.getBackBuffer is faster than D.fxBegin(false)
-new tutorial "Shaders/07 - 2D Shader using Backbuffer.cpp"
-fixed drag and dropping files from mini data browser to data browser file lists
-improved model editor animation clipping using custom range
-new world editor menu option "Edit/Set Grid Plane Level" which can set custom Y position of the grid (affects cursor position when doesn't collide with heightmaps or objects), can be useful if placing new objects very high or very low in the world
-replaced world editor menu option "Edit/Per-Face Object Selection" with "Edit/Cursor Collides with Objects" (by default enabled) which now not only selectes objects by their mesh faces but also sets the world editor cursor to collision position (this can be very useful for placing objects on other objects)
-with "cursor collides with objects" enabled, objects without meshes now can also be selected if "view/object matrix points" or "view/object center points" is enabled
-Edit::Heightmap::create now has additional parameter 'height' which sets the default height level
09-18-2011 09:45 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-all custom Compare functions that want to be passed to memory containers search methods, and Map constructors now need to accept parameters in const mode "Compare(C TYPE &a, C TYPE &b)"
-custom functions passed to MemberDesc converting data to text, must now accept object parameter in const mode "Str Func(C TYPE &obj)"
-Actor's now don't need to be deleted before their physical bodies (physical bodies management has been redesigned and now they can be deleted even if there are still actors using them, the body will be remembered internally, and will be deleted once the last actor using it will get deleted)
-added support for importing FBX file format (FBX.dll / FBX 64.dll must be present in the application folder in order to support FBX files, files don't need to present in the app folder if you don't need to import fbx files)
-removed model editor menu option "remove nub bones", now nub's are automatically removed during importing process for "fbx", "ms3d", "psk" and "psa" formats (if you encounter nub bones in other file formats, please write on the forum)
-fixed crash while generating billboards in model editor
-added Memx::operator= function
-fixed menu shortcut key conflicts for "gui editor copy", "mini data browser" and "code editor find next"
-Data Browser connect to Data Server and World Editor Connect to Server now share the same window, for which options are now stored in editor config file
-Data Browser verify paths now has additional button "export" which can save the results to a text file
-Game::Destructible now preserves actor groups on breaking and saving/loading (previous save games may not work)
-added new 'file' methods for SQL binary columns, SQLValues::New(C Str &name, File &file) and SQL::getCol(Int i, File &file)
-new method D.shadowMapSizeCone that allows to specify custom factor for cone light shadow map sizes, it accepts values in range of 0..2 (default=1), which means that setting value of 2 will increase the quality of cone shadows when compared to previous SDK
09-25-2011 08:38 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-fixed creating actors (since last release) from PhysBody with multiple static meshes
-fixed rendering issue of not using depth buffer for blend objects that were drawn after local fog, when the local fog was close to the camera
-Game::World initialized with WORLD_FULL will now use Game::Obj::canBeSaved to check if objects want to be placed in new areas upon movement
09-27-2011 12:56 PM
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RE: September 2011
Released for Windows:
-fixed compile errors (since last release) when comparing Reference to game object pointers
09-28-2011 12:28 PM
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