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Tools : Uploader
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Tools : Uploader

I actually use the same machine for the server of my project and for hosting files for the autoupdate of the game.

I'm changing the structure of all of this. I try to use an online free solution from Ikoola : ikeepincloud.com where php script are not enable ( exemple : http://public.36445.ikeepincloud.com/ese...update.php )

Could it be an option to rename the files via ftp or webdav for example or an option to directly upload the correct filename instead of the "@new" filename ?

I know that it's a better thing that the script is server side (to be sure update of all the files is ok even if the client lost the connexion etc), but it will be really helpfull for me. If it's not possible, i'll try to make my own uploader smile


11-05-2011 08:39 PM
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