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Shift as scale, full directories, textures list and light sources
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Shift as scale, full directories, textures list and light sources
Few small changes I feel would much improve working with world editor:

- I know Shift is now working differently than before, but it's hard to get used to new functionality and using "x" means you must look out for scaling just one axis. I suggest compromise - without using any of the options from mini-menu above ("z", "x", "c") it works as always, as a proportional scale. It's quicker and more reliable in my opinion.

- In all text-boxes in the editor (especially in Object window) user should be able to see full file directory printed on the screen. I suggest adding it just before instructions visible after keeping the cursor on the directory for a moment.

- List of textures used on terrain would be nice (just as the list of used objects is right now - good work). I download much more than I actually use, just to experiment with them. After finishing work with the game I would love to know which of them I can delete, because they never have been used.

- Lights should have their own source points, visible separately from other objects' matrix points. This way user would be able to manage only lights, without seeing an army of other white dots on the screen. I would also love to be able to distinguish lights sources from other objects' matrix points easily, so an icon of bulb/reflector (for different types of light) or something like that instead of just dot would be great.

Thank you in advance for taking these ideas into consideration. wink
12-22-2011 11:37 PM
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