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Forum Rules
Please know you are most welcome on this forum and I hope you will enjoy your time here smile

Following list is simply reminder of few basic rules in order to keep this forum a friendly environment:
  • This forum is for friendly and polite people only
  • I appreciate that you don't advertise/promote/discuss/redirect to other game engines
  • Posting false information about the engine may result in edit/deletion of your post
  • Rudeness or usage of offensive words towards other people may cause deletion of your posts, in worst cases will result in banning from the forum (please remember that this forum is the only way to receive Support)
  • Posts in complaining/negative form will be deleted (spreading negativity does not help anyone, as Esenthel staff is always doing its best and does not need negativity to keep doing so)
  • If there's a feature/improvement that's very important to you, posting about it several times on the forum will not help make it faster, please be professional, contact me about it and I'll let you know how much will it cost to develop this in first priority
  • If you experience an issue with the engine, please post about it only in one thread, please do not repost the same issue in other completely unrelated threads
  • Posts that relate to piracy will be deleted

Thank you and I hope you enjoy using the Engine!
12-26-2011 01:44 AM
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