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January 2012
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January 2012
Released for Windows:
build 0:
-fixed crash at engine/tools startup if latest PhysX System Software was installed
-new EE_SDK_BUILD macro in the main EsenthelEngine.h header file specifying the sdk build number
-Editor now features new menu command "About" that will display message box with basic system information (including EE_SDK_BUILD of the Editor)
-new OSVer, OSName functions that will return information about the Operating System
-new methods D.shaderModelName, apiName allowing to return shader mode and rendering api in text format
-generating billboard lods from blended meshes in model editor will now make them brighter (previous brightness was not entirely correctly calculated)
-restored option of skipping "underlined" files in Converter tool when generating paks
-improved Code Editor parser to correctly detect variable symbols in cases when there are many local variables of the same name defined inside a function (inside for, do, while, if, switch commands)
-improved Code Editor expression compiler (currently was used only for symbol detection during - jump to definition, soon it will be used also for internal C++ compiler)
-improved quality of importing mesh skinning from vertexes that use more than 2 bones
01-26-2012 08:15 PM
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