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February 2012
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February 2012
Released for Windows:
build 1:
-additional improvements to Code Editor expression compiler
-improved Code Editor C++ generator to don't replace '.' into '::' for unknown symbols
-Code Editor will now treat '$' as a character and not operator (to match C++ behavior)
-Code Editor will now treat signed/unsigned types differently
-new methods Window::barHighlight,titleHighlight,alpha
-fixed downloading using Download and Patcher classes, files which have '#' or '%' symbols in their url address
-fixed bug which could have caused crash if double clicking on an element in Editor Mini Data Browser
-new parameter 'Bool as_admin=false' added to the OSLaunch function
-new method App.elevated used to check if application has administrator rights
-improved Autoupdate tool to request administrator permission if not available (affects user accounts with Windows UAC enabled)
-images for world heightmap,materialmap,colormap import can now be selected by using LMB on the image slot
-World Editor Object Properties window can now be resized horizontally as well
-switched parameter 'Bool found' with 'Int index' return value in function 'binarySearch' (compiler will generate errors without applying changes to your codes)
02-29-2012 01:01 PM
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