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May 2012
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May 2012
Released for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
build 4:
-removed 'DropName' and replaced it with updated "App.drop" callback because drag and drop can now be triggered also by touches
-removed some copies of polymorphic Image::drawing functions which accepted Vec2 and Flt positions and sizes, please use those function which accept the Rect rectangle
-removed some copies of rarely used basic shape drawing from D display object (like D.circle, D.tri), please use Circle::draw and Tri::draw instead
-new methods Image::drawVertical, drawPartVertical allowing to draw with texture coordinates in vertical mode
-LMB and RMB can now be used in World Editor heightmap mode to insert/remove heightmaps when no heightmap editing mode is selected
-improved Particles::draw to skip drawing transparent particles
-hidden Android menu button in the taskbar by adding the "android:targetSdkVersion="11"" line into the manifest file
-removed decreased performance of Editor Gui processing after switching to "Code Editor" mode
-Button now has new member "TextDS *tds=&Gui.tds_button"
-improved Data Browser gui elements rescaling when application window is very small
-World Editor Object Properties window can now be minimized
-engine option D.sync is now enabled by default
-new App.close function which can simulate closing the app in a way that it will first check for App.quit and call it, if it will not be available then application will exit
-activating the editor menu option "exit" will now correctly check first if there are unsaved elements first
-'FRename' will now work correctly on Android platform when moving file from one filesystem to another
-editing object position through position window now has speed dependent on the camera distance
-Material Preview window from the Material Editor, and Material List window are now resizable
-files from Data Browser list can now be drag and dropped (for example to material editor or to other editor modes by switching to them using keyboard shortcuts without releasing the mouse button)
-minor tweaks to gui (menu can now be activated using menu key as well just like by alt before, scrolling slidebars by clicking on the edge buttons has been made slightly slower and now can also be configured using SlideBar::scrollOptions, slidebar center button size is clamped so it will no longer be very thin on long lists)
-code editor now features additional panel "opened files" activated through "view" menu option
-Touch has new method UInt id() returning uniqe id for the touch which was initialized at the moment of its start
-new 'MouseTouch' class with global singleton of 'MT' allowing to access mouse and touch based input at the same time using one set of functions
-new methods List::screenToOrder allowing to convert screen position to order index of an element
-new method Bool D.smallSize() allowing to check if a display device is of a small size (true for mobile phones but not tablets and desktops)
-new OS_VER constants for different Android operating system versions
-new functions OSWindows, OSMac, OSAndroid, OSiOS allowing to check if a given OS_VER enum is of Windows, Mac, Android, iOS type
-new function Renderer.lowDepthPrecision allowing to check if depth buffer is of low 16-bit precision (some mobile devices)
-new methods Kb.hwAvailable, softCoverage
-active TextLine will now be drawn on top of soft keyboard if it's occluded by it
-global Shut function will now be properly called on Android platform
-context menu will now automatically scroll up/down when selecting/highlighting element exceeding visible screen area
-touching Slider will work the same as mouse clicking on it (collision detection will be extended by the button size)
-Progress bar will now be displayed as vertical if its height is greater than the width
-WindowIO can now support a custom list of file extensions by specifying them this way ext="bmp|png|jpg"
-WindowIO now features new button used for quick path selection, which supports DataPath, Desktop, custom Favorites, and Recent paths (DataBrowser now uses the same mechanism)
-Editor will now warn if trying to close it when having a new code editor project that was not loaded from a file
-camera screen controls in Model Editor will now move the camera in the same orientation as when moving it with a mouse and space
-added workaround for screen glitches on Android Gingerbread when Swiftkey plugin is enabled
-gui object descriptions text displaying now uses AUTO_LINE_SPACE_SPLIT
-going back in data browser data server/editor connection mode will now highlight the previous element
-closing application programatically on iOS no longer simulates it via black screen but forces close via system exit call
-menu shortcuts with "win" key will now be displayed as with "cmd" key on Apple platforms
-unified the virtual GuiObj::test method and created new tutorial "Gui/Non Rectangle Objects" presenting how to create objects which shape is not a regular rectangle
-integrated calculator tool into the editor
-Model Editor when saving a Mesh will now check if it has quads and if it doesn't then it will automatically delete the software version of the mesh and save only the hardware version, making the file smaller
-improved quality of rendering palette particles when converted to blend particles
-moving/resizing windows by mouse/touch now applies clamping to make sure that window is not moved outside of visible range
-new methods Edit::Area::load,unloadIfOutOfRange
-updated resolving global IP address to no longer kill threads after timeout, but wait for them to finish
-removed no longer valid website used for obtaining the IP addresses
-fixed resolving global address for Mac and Mobile platforms
-added new tutorial "misc/joypad"
-added workaround for potential crash on Android when trying to resolve global IP address
-added application icon to the Android SDK sample project
-added SQL::getTables method allowing to get a list of all table names in a database
-added OrientP(C Matrix &matrix) constructor
-added support for getting cpu name on Android platform
-added support for getting approximate free and total memory information on Android platform
-added support for caps lock usage in Android platform
-added support for multiple mouse buttons, mouse wheel and touch-pad scroll (2 fingers on the touch-pad) in Android platform
-added support for using system clipboard in Android platform
-added support for keyboard in iOS platform
-added support for getting correct local network address on iOS platform (SockAddr::setLocal)
-added few KB_FUNC enums to Input Buttons.h header file
-added support for WindowHide/WindowMinimize on Android platform which can minimize the application without closing it
-fixed Window::setRect to work correctly when setting existing window in a new position and size not fitting in the window sizeLimit
-fixed using Tab key for switching between gui objects for objects which belong to a Tab
-fixed setting Mouse cursor on Mac
-fixed lighting/shadow issue when using Camera::setPosDir function with 'dir' and 'up' vectors not aligned manually to being perpendicular to each other
-fixed OSLaunch on Android platform that will fail to open local files if path was specified with '\' instead of '/' (now both slash and backslash will work)
-fixed potential crash when trying to process files bigger than 2GB on Android platform
-fixed displaying non-power of 2 textures having mip-maps on iOS
05-24-2012 06:17 PM
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RE: May 2012
Released for Windows and Mac:
build 5:
-new application flag APP_HIDDEN
-new function WindowShow(Ptr hwnd)
-fixed incorrect button text size after loading gui objects from file since build 4
05-25-2012 09:12 PM
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RE: May 2012
Released for Windows, Android and iOS:
build 6:
-improved performance of 2D graphics rendering
-reduced memory usage of 2D Vertex Index Buffers
-increased performance of line drawing by disabling their anti-aliasing state (can be enabled with new method D.lineSmooth)
05-26-2012 06:48 PM
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RE: May 2012
Released for Android:
build 7:
-new method Image::transparentToNeighbor
-new ImageAtlas class allowing to store multiple images in as few textures as possible, mainly used for drawing of animated sprites (Converter tool can now create image atlas)
-new panel in the Editor "Video Options\Advanced" where you can change additional engine options
-color theme in Code Editor can now be set to custom mode
-fixed drawing big enough Decals that don't fit in the viewing frustum
-added new method VI.face(Vtx3DTex, Vtx3DTex, Vtx3DTex)
-removed VI.billboard which is the same as DrawParticleBegin(..) DrawParticleAdd(..) DrawParticleEnd(..)
-updated shaders in engine.pak file
-new methods 'dragging' and 'selecting' for Mouse, Touch and MouseTouch
-Material::simplify (in Converter mobile mode - material simplify) will now bake the lighting from normal map onto the color map
-added fix for running the engine on Samsung Galaxy S3
05-31-2012 02:34 PM
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