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Gui Update Problem
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Daniel Mewes Offline

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Gui Update Problem

I'm not sure, but since the last updates (i've skipped april and updated with the may updates again) there probably were some changes in the Gui.update() methods.

In my project I'm using Berkelium in the way it was shown in this thread:

The update-method of the webwindow objects:
void webWindow::update(GuiPC &gpc) {

It never had to be called explicit, but since the last updates our menu stoped working and I located the problem, that the update-method is not called anymore implicit with Gui.update(), when I call Berkelium::update() explicit in the update-method of the current state, it works again.

At the moment I just don't know what's about the GuiPC and how I could retrieve it to create a work-around I can call on myself. Maybe there are other things messed up and the problems not the Gui.update()-method, but I did not change anything in my Berkelium-integration.
So anybody has an idea about my problem? Can anyone confirm the problem with Gui.update()? And lust but not least: any hint about how I could retrieve a GuiPC-reference for calling the needed updates myself?

Thanks for any response.
06-02-2012 03:05 PM
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Daniel Mewes Offline

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RE: Gui Update Problem
Seems like I've skipped the march-version too. Just read the version history carefully and found this one in the changes for march 2012:

Quote:-IMPORTANT: virtual gui object methods (such as 'update' and 'draw') have "GuiPC &" parameter changed to "C GuiPC &", please adjust your codes by adding the const modifier

Changed the parameter from GuiPC & to C GuiPC & and everything works again. I should update the engine more often and I probably should invest more time in reading the version history pfft
06-02-2012 09:11 PM
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