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July 2012
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July 2012
Released for Windows and Android:
build 11:
-added new MD5 class and MD5Mem function used to calculate MD5 hash of memory (similar to CRC32)
-renamed UID:: d->l inside union with other elements, and added new 'set' functions and constructors for easier setup of the id to custom values
-updated Code Editor to work with latest Google Android SDK (please update your Google Android SDK if you're not using the latest version)
-fixed compiling android projects which were loaded with relative path "../" from the editor settings file
07-04-2012 11:55 PM
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RE: July 2012
Released for Windows:
build 12:
-added support for latest Android NDK
-collada importer will now automatically remove nub bones
-Sweep functions which operate on meshes will now detect face collision with face culling dependent on mesh material
-using left and right mouse buttons simultaneously on the model/world editor orientation cube will move the camera in alternative mode
-MatrixD3 and MatrixD (dbl versions) now have all the same methods as flt versions
-adjusted SkelPoint graphics to remind sword (up-y-long-blade, forward-z-short-hilt)
-new functions AtomicInc and AtomicDec
-Window position limits will now be correctly applied if window does not belong to a desktop
-Window will now correctly align to parent borders upon parent resize even if the parent is not a desktop
-Mesh drawBlend will now correctly use lighting shaders if the mesh material techniques are different than MTECH_BLEND
-deactivating gui object will now correctly not set keyboard focus to its parent if the parent does not want the focus
07-21-2012 10:06 PM
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