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Some improvement suggestions for the Code Editor
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Some improvement suggestions for the Code Editor

Now that I have used the code editor for a few days, I have some small improvement suggestions.
I have been using Visual Studio 2008/2010 in the last five years and I am still missing some features in Code Editor which I used very often in VS:
  • Ctrl+K+C uncomments the selected code segment and Ctrl+K+U undoes this action. This comes very handy when you quickly want to uncomment certain code parts for testing.
  • It would be nice if you could press Ctrl when the autocomplete dropdown box is visible to make the dropdown box semi-transparent in order to see whats beneath the box.
  • When clicking at the left corner of the code window it would be cool if the whole line gets selected
  • And what I personally think is very important is a more intelligent handling of the preprocessors (especially _WINDOWS).
    Please take a look at this picture.
07-08-2012 01:23 AM
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