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Physics after csg
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Physics after csg
I'm using csg to make windows and doors in my medieval tower. Everything is ok but after it i must change physbody. How can i generate it? I think generating phisbody from mesh it's not really optimal way but only one(?). In that tower i made stairs for my NPC and some details.

And second problem connected with it.
When i'm trying generate physbody from mesh it appears at center of the map and it's very small image1. After scalling and moving its flat... image2

Some code...
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07-12-2012 08:05 PM
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RE: Physics after csg
from EE actor headers
Matrix  matrix     (          )C;   Actor& matrix     (C Matrix  &matrix ); // get/set matrix     , 'matrix' must be normalized
matrix must be normalized means that you cannot set scale with this method.
you should either set the scale for the actor 'create' method, or better, create the phys body already scaled (scale the mesh and pass it to the phys body create method)
07-13-2012 01:33 PM
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