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Possible Pathfind Bug
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Possible Pathfind Bug
So i just came across pathfinding, i'm using in my class based on Game::Chr

What i noticed is sometimes the object passes the pathfinding point and goes back and eventually spins around the point..

I also found out that faster objects using actionMoveTo(Vec(0,0,0)); almost always loses the point, and goes back and spins around it..

As far as i know this is an engine bugg kind of like, and if it's not a bugg please tell me what i can do to not make it spin, etc?..

Of what i see in the Game::Chr header this shouldn't happen, so basically i couldn't be doing anything wrong, so Esenthel, if you could look into this? thanks.

Best regards TBJOKERS.

Man, it's always that semicolon...
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07-15-2012 09:55 PM
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RE: Possible Pathfind Bug
it is related to character not being in some distance to next waypoint, missing it, and then going back to reach it.
detecting distance to points is in Game::Chr sources, for which you have access and you can tweak/adjust some params to your needs.
07-16-2012 07:04 PM
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