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RTS project looking for help
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RTS project looking for help

Who we are?

[Image: k4ndltqbsw21xh21ckgy.png]

I'm Senzei, and I'm Leader of Enraged Entertainment. I'm also Project Manager and Lead Game Designer for RTS project called RavenTale.
Well, we have whole team, who'll start work in september. But not all. We don't want to create great quality, AAA title, but we want to learn something and promote our mark. Our RTS team has 2 programmers, 2 storywriters, 1 animator&FX, 1 SFX&Composer, 3 3D modellers and 1 Concept Artist.

[Image: dejmon.png]

What we have?

Well, at that moment we're still on conceptual stage, to have everything done before september, and start full work when it starts. AT THAT MOMENT PROJECT IS NON-PROFIT! So noone get ANY money for work.

[Image: wikgfinalrnqrwwp.png]
Something about game?

Our game will be an Adventure RTS, where player, his hero and army must go throught campaign, planned by our experienced storywriters. (I can say only that, we have our own Universe, with our own races.)
If player will not like campaign, he can play multiplayer, with multiple scenarios, specially prepared for tactic fights.

[Image: agresorm.jpg]

Who we need? :

Texture Artist***** who will be able to create semi-quality textures with normalmap, UV filter and everything what'll be required to make good unit.
Level Designer** who will be able to make good looking stages and maps for campaign/skirmish battles(and multiplayer). Would be nice to have overall experience with the Esenthel[b] engine.
*: request

[Image: humana.jpg]

[b] Our plans?

So, if we find those people, we have one year, to make fully playable demo, for kickstarter use, with atleast 1-2 hours of campaign (or less, but there will be only 1-2 skirmish maps). Our purpose is, by this demo, enter the player to game and lore, because in full game, we don't expect tutorial wink

[Image: szkielet.png]


Skype: currezjeh
Gadu-Gadu (for polish ppl): 160959
E-Mail: curenor@gmail.com
Page: Under construction.[/size]

Best regards,
Senzei, Leader of Enraged Entertainment.
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