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August 2012
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August 2012
Released for Windows and Android:
build 13:
-IMPORTANT: world editor objects which were set to OBJ_MESH_OVERLAY type need to have their access mode changed to new access mode ACCESS_OVERLAY (object type will be ignored for that access)
-added new optional parameter to the Edit::Heightmap::build "Bool build_null_material=false"
-Edit::Heightmap::build will now not automatically create the software mesh version (MeshBase), only hardware version is created (MeshRender)
-added new method Edit::Heightmap::addMaterial allowing to apply single material to a specified pixel coordinates using blending
-new optional function CacheSound(Str name) allowing to load specified sound file into memory to avoid pauses when playing sounds from disks with slow access (some mobile devices)
-added workaround for custom sound volume not working on Asus Transformer Tablets
-new function D.setShader allowing to manually trigger resetting shaders for all meshes
-Connection::send now has additional optional parameter "int timeout=-1" allowing to send queued commands within specified time
-CSkeleton::updateVelocities now has additional optional parameter "Bool ragdoll_bones_only=true" allowing to calculate precise velocities only for ragdoll enabled bones
-improved performance of CSkeleton::setMatrix when motion blur is disabled
-Mems,Memc,Memb,Memx memory containers have new methods 'binaryHas', 'binaryFind', 'binaryInclude', 'binaryExclude'
-heightmaps will now generate fewer vertexes for lods which will result in better performance
-new methods Property::show,hide,move allowing to dynamically show hide and move individual properties
-new member ComboBox::cmenu_align allowing to specify on which side (left/right) of the combo box the context menu should be displayed
-Context Menu will now be activated above the Combobox if it doesn't fit below it
-each Enum::Elm now has additional UID id
-Enum can now be created manually thanks to new method Enum::create
-added new PARAM_TYPE - PARAM_ID and methods Param::asID(), fromInt(), fromText()
-fixed setting mouse position when APP_MS_EXCLUSIVE is enabled
-disabled multi-threaded compression for Uploader tool to use less memory
-improved heightmap mesh generator to create better meshes when in lower resolution
08-31-2012 09:52 PM
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RE: August 2012
Reuploaded for Windows and Android:
build 13:
-the last change in Win and Android SDK "using STRUCT macro to define super keyword for non-windows platforms no longer requires commeting opening bracket "//{", please replace it to "{" " (now removed from release notes) unfortunately needs to be reverted back to commenting the opening bracket "//{", this is because the new functionality did not work on Mac compiler, to keep cross-platform consistency all platforms need to have "//{"
09-03-2012 03:27 PM
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