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Character movement issue
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Character movement issue

I'm new to this engine and just started learning the basics.
However I was playing around a little with the basic "Esenthel MMO" source code from the store and stumbled upon an issue which I cannot solve at my current level.

Basically I want to achieve a character movement that fullfills 3 points:

1. Char should never slide when not moving.
2. Char should immediately stop movement when arriving at the given coordinate without sliding over the target position especially at high speed
3. Char should be on the ground (nearly) all the time even if character speed is high and moving through a mountain area.
-> If a character has a high speed, it will start to "run through the air" when quickly walking around in a mountain area (seems to happen mostly after or while the character is turning to a new direction) or when running down a mountain.

To point 1)

I could accomplish point 1 by creating physics with "CSS_FREEZE_XZ", which worked fairly well.

To point 2)

This could be accomplished by taking out "AdjustValDir"s in Chr::UpdateMoveDir and Chr::StopDirInput and setting the target values directly.

To point 3)

This is where the issues start:
To prevent the char from "flying" or rather "running through the air" I first tried increasing the overall gravity and second only the mass of the actor.

a) Issues when increasing the gravity:

+ Char better sticks to the ground
- Char suddenly starts to slide while not moving on some parts of the terrain even if the slope is very low. Strangly it doesn't slide on high slopes on a mountain side. Setting high values for physical material friction also doesn't prevent this from happening.
- After arriving at the destination position the char sometimes issues a "jump" once or the camera is starting to shake

b) Issues when increasing only the player actor mass

- Char still tends to "run through the air" in mountain areas while following the path to the target position
- Char more often does a jump when arriving at the target position
- If mass is too high, char sometimes falls through the terrain or it is "bouncing" when not moving.

So my question is, how could I achieve a movement fullfilling the above mentioned 3 points?

Thanks and please don't mind my beginner question.
09-10-2012 02:24 PM
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Morgoth Offline

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RE: Character movement issue
So does anyone know or can point me into the right direction how to achieve a character movement without
* falling / flying
* (unwanted) jumping
* sliding
* velocity increase/decrease on slopes
... even at higher speed so that the character is basically always stick to the ground?

I intended to control the character movement/positioning fully by the server. To avoid too much processing power on the server I wish to disable the influences on character movement by the physics engine on the client side.

Any help or hints would be much appreciated smile
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09-16-2012 11:23 PM
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1991mirec Offline

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RE: Character movement issue
i also have same or similiar problem.. the problem i don t know yet how to prevent is when i get close to hill with high slope that you shouldn t be able to climb it and i jump close to it then i start to fly or better say i make a big jump and it s not set to that big of a jump.. not always but 70 percent of time.. if i am on the flat surface and i jump it doesn t happen so it is not jump setting at least i thing so but if get to hill with some slope it s like steping stone for my character. and only thing that seemed to me to help is to make character speed slower but i like my speed at running set like it is... it doesn t seem to me really fast.. it seems rather realistic, normal... as in other games speed.. then i started to thing if it can be because of character size.
thx in advance
09-08-2013 11:42 AM
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1991mirec Offline

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RE: Character movement issue
helo is this question too dificult or too stupid to ask??? nobody answered to morgoth for a year now and not to me for 20 days.. either the question is not understandable or nobody knows how to do it. if this question is too stupid and it s just me then please answer or point me to the forum for more beginners question than this is because sometimes i don t get answers from you guys. waiting for no matter how long . thank you in advance. i really would like to find the answer to this...
09-26-2013 09:12 AM
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Ozmodian Offline

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RE: Character movement issue
Hi Mirec,

It is not that it is a stupid question (there is no such thing!) it is that you make it difficult to answer. I have found the best way to ask a question is to include sample code and screen shots/videos. This way we can better understand what you are describing. Also, if you are able to slightly modify one of the tutorials and include that demonstrating your issue or the basics of what you are trying to do, that makes it easier.

Without any context, it is very difficult to answer questions like this.
09-26-2013 09:27 PM
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RE: Character movement issue
Change the caracter to a kynamatic and controll
evrything yourself ...
or get rid of gravity and use ray tracing
to find the ground distance and clamp the caracter
position to that distance if you could calculate the
caracter box height you should be able to figure
out the requered distance to stay on ..

I have no idea if it would work ..just random thoughts..

By the way did you guys scale stuff up ? Or maby are you using
physx or bullet ? I dont know if theres a diffrence ..

I also dont know if the physics update is frame rate based?
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09-26-2013 09:54 PM
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TheElk Offline

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RE: Character movement issue
Hello everyone this is a video showing a problem with jumping.

The speed of jump is set to 21 in this video if it is set any lower it dosent jump but the problem we are having
is that the speed/hight of the jump is effecting movment speed wich we dont want to alter. If anyone knows how to
keep these two things seperate from each other we would be very greatful.

- The KEI Team
09-27-2013 01:14 PM
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