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PC MMORPG Now Hiring
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PC MMORPG Now Hiring
First id like to talk a little about my self.
My name is Shaun, I live in Puerto Rico, I'm 28 years old, I speak English and Spanish.
I'm a independent software developer
I recently sold a app that took me 3 weeks to make for $3,500 to a large company here with the soul purpose of generating them more income.
They where really pleased with my product and contacted me about making a hit MMORPG.
I have a meeting set up with them on January 08 so I don't have the full details at the moment and due to there privacy policy IM not allowed to release much details to the public.
At this point like every other app I have sold we would have to present to them a "demo" of the product
Example: The app that took me 3 weeks to develop I had a working presentation ready in 5 days so id assume we would need at most 4 - 6 months before fundings are available.
Now that don't mean they wont help with pre startup costs, they will still have to cover any funds needed to get the project started.
Eventually there will be a studio location setup (to be discussed in the meeting) still unsure how that would work because coders and modelers are hard to come by in Puerto Rico, Half the people here to what I have seen don't even know how to hold a mouse right.
I don't want to look for people locally hence the post here.
If you would like to apply please send your resume to the following email: lunaticsnetwork@gmail.com
All choices of what to use and how to use them will be made as a group not a individual to insure everyone is happy.
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01-06-2013 02:33 AM
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RE: PC MMORPG Now Hiring
Hello mate! I have been working on a mmorpg for the last 3 years.. be great to have someone with yer skill set helping out...I have a kickstarter project that is about 75% finished..


I have a post in this help section where you can read more about the future plans for my mmo. Please contact me if my project interests you!

12-30-2014 05:21 PM
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