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Divergence: Online Needs Programming Muscle!
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RE: Divergence: Online Needs Programming Muscle!
I appreciate your objectivity Pixel.

Last week I had zero reliable programmers. Now I'm up to 1.4, plus an amazing network engineer.

It's definitely progress and I'm very glad to have it. There's just always going to be room for more considering the "critical mass" every time I get 1 or 2 people is that the full load is on them and they buckle after a certain amount of time.

So the necessity is to bring in more programmers, like the majority I've seen here who can dedicate "a few hours" to it. But Jon can also attest to how crushing it is when you spend a month training these "casuals" and then they piss off anyway. It isn't cost or time effective, which is why I'm only interested in hard-core individuals willing and able to make a serious investment for a career-making project.

Also it doesn't make me a "mean guy" simply because I won't accept criticism from 24 year olds who bought their license two months ago telling me "Maybe you don't realize this is a BIG BIG job". With six years spent, three bleeding ulcers, an entire inheritance mortgaged and a dozen obliterated relationships all for the sake, trust me, I know what this is better than anyone.

Regardless of how long I have to keep doing this, how many hundreds of half-hearted interns I have to continually hire and replace along the way, it's obvious that this project will never stop until it's completed. Therefore nobody takes a risk in this project; I take risks in them.
03-13-2013 03:33 AM
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