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fxBegin / fxEnd
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fxBegin / fxEnd

I finally got render text to texture by fxBegin() / fxEnd() functions and Image:: copy function to take only part of full size Image which fxEnd() returns.
But I guess it's a little bit inefficient to render big texture and then copy part of it to create small one.

Of course I don't know internal implementation but usually we use glCopyTexImage2D which has x,y,width,height and some othe parameters.

Is it possible to change/extend API to get necessary texture from beginning. Something like this: fxBegin(int width, int height,...)
Or like that: fxEnd(int x, int y, int width, int height,...)

Also probably would be good to have several helper render targets and ability to select on of them as render target.

Sorry if I ask something stupid. Probably EE already implemented by some other way but I didn't find ...
04-22-2013 05:11 AM
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