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Adding Terrain type Objects through code
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Adding Terrain type Objects through code
Hi All,

I was wondering if it was possible to add Terrain type objects though code? Lets say for instance that I wanted rocks to fall out of the sky (or even like the barrels in the Dynamic Object tutorial). I see that TerrainObj in area is private so I am assuming that they cannot be created though code.

I could just create a custom "My_Terrain" enum and assign objects that way. The 2 main reasons I would want to be able to select the Esenthel Terrain is to get the performance boost from having them as just Terrain (basically just mesh and physics) but the main reason is that from what i have read on the wiki:
Wiki Wrote:Embedded into Terrain - .... Only this mode accepts objects of very big sizes (size greater than the size of a single area chunk in X or Z dimensions - by default 64 meters).

If I wanted to add a mountain or cave object or floating island of type "My_Terrain" through code that is bigger than the area chunk, would that crash?

Is there some fancy way of doing it through creating a Mesh and Physics manually? Or maybe just changing the object "OBJ_ACCESS" to "ACCESS_TERRAIN"?

Thanks for your thoughts.
04-28-2013 03:02 AM
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