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May 2013
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May 2013
Released Esenthel 1.0 (build 24) and 2.0 for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS:
-IMPORTANT: Game::Obj::item* methods were replaced with Game::World.move*ObjTo* methods (which allows much better flexibility of moving objects between the world and custom containers, for example previously characters were allowed to store only one class of item objects returned by 'itemContainer', now there's no such limit)
-IMPORTANT: because Game::Obj::itemContainer was removed and since in the past it was used to automatically save item objects in Game::Obj::save/load, now you need to manually save object item containers (if any) in your custom game object class
-IMPORTANT: ctrl_ground_group_force (previously 'ctrl_floor_group' group index) is now a bit combination of actor groups
-IMPORTANT: fixed gyroscope on Android to return values in radians (not in degrees as before)
-IMPORTANT: 'Joypad' is no longer array of 4 elements (new 'Joypads' element is now a Memt container)
-Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button can now be used on project elements to copy their ID into system clipboard (useful if you're working with Visual Studio for programming and you want to easily place element's ID in the codes from the editor)
-default damping for physical actors/vehicles/controllers/ragdolls/materials is now 0.05 instead of old 0.00
-mesh preview will now always use first (most detailed) LOD
-fixed viewport ranges for preview when editor has custom FOV set
-additional improvements to SimpleVehicle stability
-Code Editor will now not prevent from compiling 64-bit apps when using VS Express 2008/2010 (but you still need to have 64-bit Win SDK installed)
-removed Controller sliding on almost flat terrain when not moving
-improved Controller walking on stairs (and on slopes when using Bullet physics engine)
-engine is now compiled for armv7 and armv7s for iOS device
-new VI.face methods operating on new classes Vtx2DTex and Vtx2DTexCol
-fixed potential crash when creating physical actors on secondary thread, and performing sweep tests on other thread
-new tutorial "lights and particles" presenting how to load a world with lights and particles set from the editor
-reduced frame time delta deviations when changing window size/screen resolution or when clicking on window system borders/buttons
-implemented time delta safety mechanism automatically detecting when one time slow downs occur and skipping frame time updates to reduce long game/physics time updates after slow downs
-fixed bug in Code Editor which under rare circumstances would not list class member in the constructor initializer list
-small fixes to motion blur camera, actor and skeleton velocities synchronization for different physics engines and timesteps
-small fix to OBox scaling by Vec which affected creating scaled actors from OBox physical bodies
-Controllers will now not detect other Controllers as possible ground to walk on (thanks to new Physics.ctrl_ground_group_allow member)
-new member PhysHit.face_nrm (allowing to get normal of encountered tri mesh face)
-fixed issue of saving/loading Actor state with freeze position/rotation enabled on PhysX 3 which could result in slightly different matrixes in each save/load
-fixed potential issue of incorrect skinning when saving mesh with more than 60 bones on DX10+ and then loading it on another platform
-increased precision of shadows on DX9 to match DX10+ and OpenGL
-removed shadow flickering on DX9 when the viewport is very small
-server address in the Editor can now be specified using host name (if stored on a server with a domain name), also if no port is specified then default 65535 will be used
-creating meshes on non-windows platforms now allows for vertex cache optimization (just like on Windows)
-new method Material.convertAlphaTest which can toggle material technique to either force enable/disable blending for alpha tested materials (can be used on mobile platforms to adjust materials, or alternatively APP_AUTO_MATERIAL_CONVERT_ALPHA_TEST can be enabled so convertAlphaTest will always be called)
-fixed bug when releasing scaled physical bodies from meshes when bullet physics is used
-improved object ragdoll editor to allow for bone scaling and offsetting (which now saves ragdoll bone capsule shapes in new SkelBone.shape member - can be used for advanced "bullet shots vs body parts" collision detection)
-improved SweepPointCapsule, SweepBallCapsule functions to check if that capsule is actually a Ball
-slightly improved performance of SweepBallEdge, SweepCapsuleEdge, SweepPointTube functions
-added workaround for Android to always clear Touches when app is being closed (to prevent touches getting stuck after rotating a device with a touch pressed)
-many private members of the Game.Area.Data have been made public
-added Game.World.objGet method variation that takes OBox as parameter
-fixed bug in Code Editor when compiling for Android and sometimes debug mode could be set even though release or publishing was enabled
-added new 'Memp' class which acts as a pointer to all engine supported containers (it allows to write one universal function operating on all container types, please read more about it in the header comments)
-slightly improved rendering performance of skinned meshes with less than 60 bones on DX9 and OpenGL
-Cpu.cores value is now more precise on Android platform (previously if some cores were turned off, for example due to power saving, then they were not taken into account)
-added new parameter to SimpleVehicle.wheelMatrix(.., Int flip_side=-1) allowing to control wheel matrix flipping/mirroring
-added new tutorial "Gui/18 - Tree List"
-added new "Location*" functions allowing to obtain last known location of the device (by using GPS or Network)
-added new tutorial "Demos/Earth" showing capabilities of the new GPS functionality and the Gyroscope
-added support for joypads on Mac
-new member Joypad.name
-Esenthel 1.0 users should include CoreLocation frameworks for their iOS projects, and IOKit framework to their Mac projects (as described in the project settings documentation)
-engine is now compiled with -ffast-math option for Android for better math performance
05-24-2013 07:42 PM
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RE: May 2013
Released Esenthel 2.0 for Windows and Android, and Esenthel 1.0 for Windows:
-fixed rendering meshes with more than 60 bones on DX9
-improved android stylus detection of tapping, selecting, dragging and double clicking
-updated AndroidManifest to specify that GPS and WIFI hardware is not a requirement for starting an application
-fixed duplicating of "Icon Settings" element to copy its properties
-minor fix for Android touch processing (previously if a secondary touch was detected, then all existing touches had their initial values adjusted, such as - guiObj startPos and startTime)
-new Mouse,Touch,MT member vel() allowing to obtain pointer smooth velocity (from last few frames), useful for sliding/throwing around GUI elements on button release
-Uploader will now try using passive FTP mode first
05-31-2013 02:14 PM
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