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Patcher& downloadIndex();
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Patcher& downloadIndex();
Does EE2.0 have source for downloadIndex()?

Im trying to better understand what exactly does that look for?

Is it <GameName>.index.pak ? if so does it use Secure PatcherSecure ?

Does the Uploader generate <GameName>.index.pak file?

Im testing Ineisis patcher, so far it constantly returns DWNL_WAIT followed by DWNL_ERROR even though all files are on HTTP server and can be accessed manually. So id like to better understand what does downloadIndex() look for and why/what causes DWNL_ERROR, is it a timeout, and error code, file not found?? many questions LOL.



Turned out on older IIS6/7 and Apache there are no known MIME Types for .pak files so the http service kept returning 404 (thank God for WireShark) anyway, simply added a new MIME type for .pak using application/octet-stream and now im good.

and that also answer my other questions.

Sorry for the knee jerk smile

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06-23-2013 03:36 AM
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